REVIEW: Church of Disgust - 'Unworldly Summoning'

CHURCH OF DISGUST is a new band from US and it doesn't come heavier than that. Here’s Death Metal coming from the bowels of the earth, reverberating through underground caves and bat-dwelling recesses, reeking of rot and evil. Think HELLHAMMER in the style of crushing early CYANIDE, mixed with the heaviness of GRAVE and early INCANTATION circa “Mortal Throne of Nazarene”. It’s stupendous.
There’s the trademark rocking grooves, but it’s so heavy, it’s like Kaijus moshing. There’s no frills here, just crushing Death Metal – the old school way but without any fancy lead-playing or sublime melodies, even though there are moments here there, but nothing quite enunciated and doesn’t need to be either. This is not that kind of Old School Death Metal. This is the ancient spirit regurgitated back to life in its vilest expression.
Unworldly Summoning” is the kind of album you play to scare the shit out of your friends – it’s the perfect introduction to Death Metal, without any pretension. This is real horror, channelled through the darkest of artworks reminiscent of “Altars of Madness” level of detailing, but expressed through a thousand kilowatts of power. CHURCH OF DISGUST is here to prevail- crush or be crushed.

Guest review for Metalhead Spotted by Kunal Choksi of Transcending Obscurity
Credits - Memento Mori 

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