Hailing From North East UK Decrepit Monolith are the Black Metal Band formed in 2012. With influences from Gorgoroth, Marduk, Behemoth, early Dimmu and Cradle the band recorded their first studio album on September 2013, with a host of new tracks that show the progression of the band. Recently we caught up with the guitarist and the founder of the band Baal band for this little conversation

Metalhead Spotted: Would you please introduce yourself and your band members to our readers?
Baal: I am Baal – Guitarist with Decrepit Monolith a black metal band from the North of England. As well as myself the band is made up of: 
Drekovac – Guitar and Vocals
Erebus – Bass
Thave - Drums

Metalhead Spotted: The band started in 2012, what was the reason for starting Decrepit Monolith  and what are the origins of the name?
Baal: The bands was started after some time away from live music by myself, sometimes you need to stop and step back in order to regroup  and gather your thoughts. Decrepit Monolith is the result of that contemplation and to provide an outlet for our art. The band name is a symbolic representation of the crumbling mess that is organised religion, the sheer monolithic size and scope of religions such as the catholic church whose core values are eroding away and their very existence is being called into question.

Metalhead Spotted: In March 2013 you preformed with Blitzkrieg, how was the experience?
Baal: The Blitzkrieg show was actually our debut performance, we were approached by the band to open for them which for us was a huge honor. Despite the difference in musical styles it was a great show and we were well received by the fans, although I don’t think they were quite prepared for what they witnessed.

Metalhead Spotted: What inspired your corpsepaint and custom leather body armor?
Baal: The corpsepaint and body Armour are part of the live experience, it has always been our core belief that as well as the music the visual show should be just as intense.  We invest a lot of time and effort in our set and are constantly adding to the visual side, as well as the large crucifixes, chains and backdrops we are adding a new custom light rig and a few more items that we are keeping under wraps for now.

Metalhead Spotted:The 20th March Godless Sanctum will be released. What is the concept of the lyrics? Who handled the majority of writing?
Baal:The music is collectively written by the band as a whole. The lyrical content differs song to song with anti-religious undertones throughout. There are some exceptions to this in songs such as 120 Days which was inspired by the works of the Marquis de Sade which we released not long ago as a taster track, that is free to download too.

Metalhead Spotted: Decrepit Monolith will be touring Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic and Romania, what can fans expect?
Baal: A bigger show in every  way, but if you want to find out you will have to come along and witness it for yourself, we can’t give too much away at this point but it will be insane.

Metalhead Spotted: Is there any members active in other projects at the moment?
Baal: Decrepit Monolith is a full time project and we put all our time into it. There would be no issues with anyone being involved in anything else but we all understand the our primary focus is Decrepit Monolith. 

Metalhead Spotted: Some of your influences include Marduk, Dark Funeral, Behemoth, Watain & Dimmu Borgir. Were there any bands that influenced you as well, or still inspire you in your music?
Baal: Between us we have a vast array of influences on personal levels that play into the band as a whole, we all listen to different styles and genres of music covering everything from death and black metal  to classical music and everything in between.

Metalhead Spotted:Are there any bands you newly discovered that you still listen to?
Baal: Blodsgard are a band that i recently discovered and their debut album Monument is incredible, they have a fantastic sound and style of song writing.

Metalhead Spotted:What is the inspiration behind the album artwork and stage props?
Baal: As I mentioned earlier the visual side of Decrepit Monolith is as important as the music and the stage props hep us deliver that experience, the props for our shows are also related to the music content such as the chains adorning the crosses showing the heavy burden and the ties that religion has over the blind masses.
The artwork for the upcoming EP also follows in that same vein and the images are themed around on the song ‘Angel in White’ which we are also shooting a video for. 
The model in the images Katie Metcalfe providing the perfect fit and feel for the EP.

Metalhead Spotted:Thank you for your time with this interview. A message to your fans?
Baal: Thank you, the support over the last 18 months has been fantastic and we hope to see you all again on the road this year.

Links are: Website || Facebook || SoundCloud || Contact

Interviewer: - Vivean Stoltz

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