Diamonds Are Forever ! Band Review.

Diamonds Are Forever, great band name , isn't it? It was formed in Romania in a town called Cluj-Napoca. In 2011 they merged from two existing bands! In November they joined the Global Battle of the Bands Romania and they got to the finals. By December they released an EP which is really good and classy metalcore, titled ''Whom shall I fear''. Then then it came to an epic moment they released their first recorded music video called ''The eyes of blinded sorrow''. It was a great success, yea you cant believe it but a metalcore band got the second place with best release party on Metalhead.ro Awards!!! And, guess what! Also at the same ceremony the band won the first place for the Romanian Metal Newcomer 2011 award. They are great, really socializing with fans and their management etc. They played along with bands like the Veil of Maya which is a really good core band also called space metal and Suicide Silence. Cancer Bats, Superbutt, Subscribe, Give em Blood which are core bands, they played in Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova. They have tours now and had a great tour back then, the legacy is saved in a DVD entitled ''Bridges are Born'' what is a two DVD disc. One is a full live show and the other one is a documentary movie. In 2013 it was the first rock band documentary what hit the cinemas. Now this was their story, their legacy. What about the genre and discography and members? Lets get it on!.
"Momaentum" is the band's second EP, a five song disk and a bonus track. After releasing last year a DVD (Live concert and documentary movie), the band wanted to release also the songs as an audio disk. Further more, the release came with their first lyric video for the song "The Industry".
Well when I listened to their song then I taught: ''wow, hmmm I don't know'' and then as you listen more you start to get into the lyrics and you start to feel your rage rising against those who are jerks to you. It comes to slamming the bass and drums off, the lyrics the vocals extremely  powerful like Eluveitie and Lamb of God, they make beat downs like real hardcore bands, they make the drum sound like it would be from Symphony X or Dream Theater, really strong riffs, you can mosh on it, make a wall of death or just headbang till you break your neck! Their band members:

Andrei Aron - Guitar
Andrei Danci - Bass
Dorin Marcu - Drums
Istvan Pataki - Vocals
Horia Cioflica - Vocals
Mihai Vlad - Guitar

Their discography:
Whom Shall I Fear (EP 2011)
Face Me (Single 2012)
The Scar (Single 2012)
Bridges are Born (DVD 2012)
Momaentum (EP 2013)

For more updates and to keep in touch with the band, you can subscribe to their channels:

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