Acts of Tragedy !!!! Band review.

Acts of Tragedy influenced by metalcore , progressive , groove metal and math core , are a band formed in 2005 under the name Slivers. The band itself found stability in 2013 and named themselves Acts of Tragedy. They are making now an EP with the participation of drummer Kevin Talley ( Dying Fetus, Mysery Index, Chimaira ) an excellent drummer. When you first hear them you think , hey what is this ? And then you think this is not bad and then this is really good , its because it is progressive with core , one time it comes to slamming drums and then the riffs with clear voice and then it goes to slam with the bass and the false chords come in (what you can understand clearly).

How much kind of musical genres and bands I listened this band reminds me on ETHS . The groovy thing would be from Lamb of God or Pantera. I cant say that its so much core as Trivium but it would be close to Parkway Drive. You cant get much from this bands information , it has been well I could say it was made this year because they are stable now. Reverbnation is boosting them , they don't have much publicity , but they need , so people go and check them. I highly recommend the song ''What Remains'' where they feat. Kevin Talley.

Their members:
Alessandro Castellano (Drums)
Andrea Orrú (Vocals)
Armin Tamzariam (Bass)
Paolo Mulas (Guitar)
Andrea Ciribelli (Guitar)
Discography is one EP and thats Cursed Words.
http://www.reverbnation.com/actsoftragedy - their page for now.


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