Crashdiet , drink whiskey , be sleazed

We all heard of Hard Rock , Glam Metal , Heavy Metal , but hey what happens when these classics mix ? We get sleaze metal . The first band who comes into your mind after thinking on sleaze metal is Crashdiet !
It was formed in 2000 , influenced by Motley Crue , Skid Row , Guns N' Roses and Hanoi Rocks . The band was split up in 2002 and reformed by Dave Lepard . In 2005 they released the debut album Rest in Sleaze it was number 12 in the Swedish album charts and they played on the Download Festival . Then in January 20 , 2006 Dave Lepard committed suicide at the age of 25 because of depression . The band said they wont continue . Few months later they said that they will go on with the legacy because of Daves spirit. Then they got a new vocalist Olliver Twisted who is playing with band Reckless Love they made the album Unattractive Revolution. After it Olliver left in 2008 . The next singer was Simon Cruz and in 2010 they released Generation Wild which was a really great succes , for more info go and check them by yourself . In this year they opened 2013 with their new album Savage Playground which is really groovy and sleazed ( this video is from their new album ).

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