SOLAR DEITY : : Band Review

  Solar Deity is a Mumbai-based satanic black metal band that was formed in 2012, famous in the underground extreme metal scene for playing evil and devastating music.
  The band started releasing albums as a two-member studio project with Aditya Mehta on vocals/guitar/bass and Yash Pathak on drums, and soon introduced Animesh Asmo Das on bass and Akash Shah on lead guitar.. They are notorious for performing live rituals during their concerts.
  The band members listen to variety of music.. They are the fans of Slayer, Burzum, Deicide and Tiamat.. 
"All we care about is making great songs, and true music comes from within. Our music should always sound like the soundtrack to the end of this world " says Aditya.

  The band Solar Deity has released two albums — In The Name Of Satan and The Darkness Of Being — as well as the single Snowless.. Unlike other Indian metal bands, they have recorded and released the albums before doing live gigs....
  After years of playing brutal death metal in the band Exhumation, Yash and he, decided to make truly evil music that would have no boundaries.. Thus, Solar Deity was born!.. Their songs thrive on lyrical melody.

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