SKILTRON ! Carry your bagpipes into the battleground !

You never heard about this , but actually this is a new genre and its Scottish Folk Metal , how awesome is that ? Get your whiskey , get your skirt and blow your bagpipe . Well folks , this is a new band for you and I also suggest thrashers to check it because they sometimes use that element also . Lyrical themes are about battles mostly . However if you didn't hear them and if you are a Scott then I suggest you go and buy the album . You say now : '' Bagpipes sound awkward '' well dude , nope . Skiltron uses the bagpipes different as you saw in TV or on Scottish folk concerts and they also use flutes . The band is actually Argentine , and the name Skiltron   derives from a variation of the world schiltron , a formation used by the Scottish during the Wars of Independence , the band was established in 2004 . In 2006 the album : The Clans have United came out by Underground Symphony record label . The album is classic , very challenging to make a cover band . And then it came to '' Beheading the Liars '' in 2008  and in this year 2013 September 16th they released Into The Battleground ... I love it , I love them . One of the best folk metal bands which I ever heard . Also if you are a paganist , they make themes about that too . However my favorite album is from 2010 '' The Highland Way '' . They say Elvenking and Triddana is also similar to this band . 

2 members left the band so they are now a trio , members :
Matias Pena ( Drums )
Emilio Suoto  ( Guitars , Mandolin , Bouzouki )
Ignacio Lopez ( Bass )
However , live they have 2 more performers , since 2012 , they are only current live members .
Callum Kirk ( Bagpipes )
Tony Thurlow ( Vocals )
And Skiltrons fan base is more from Europe then actually from Argentina .
Hey guys , please share the experience , this is really a band what needs more publicity and needs more fans. And go to concerts ! For more information here   - Revölutíon

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