Rocky Ravić from band Mystery interviewed about the new album .

Recently we had a small chat with Rocky Ravic about his band Mystery and about their up and coming album.
what can we wait from Mystery now days ? Take a look at my Interview with Rocky .

Metalhead Spotted: Well hello Rocky , tell us how are the preparations for the new album ?
Rocky: Hey guys , we have taken all the experience from the first album and just finished recording our second album ! It sounds GREAT ! We are also in the middle of filming a full length  feature film , we are shooting music videos for each song from the 2nd album and linking them together into one crazy adventure. Except the new album to be out worldwide next year !

Metalhead Spotted: Will its genre still remain as the old Mystery or you guys try something new ?
Rocky: Of course ! We will stick to who we are , we are not a band to sell out .

Metalhead Spotted: Which bands influence this new album ?
Rocky: We are heavily inspired by bands like Kiss , Van Halen & AC/DC . Our mission is to keep Hard Rock and Heavy Metal alive !  We love bands like Iron Maiden , Alice Cooper , Skid Row , Poison , Motley Crue .... Put all these bands in a boiling pot , stir them around and you get MYSTERY . We are the babies of these bands .

Metalhead Spotted: For how much songs can we wait ?
Rocky: The new album will have 11 original tracks +2 covers and some very cool bonus tracks.

Metalhead Spotted: Do you think it will be a gig for a good tour ?
Rocky: Of course , we will be back on tour in 2014 ! USA , Japan , Europe and maybe some new places like South America better get ready to rock .

Metalhead Spotted: Do other people from other bands wait for your new album ? As I heard much other bands commented on your last album .
Rocky: Yes ! There are plenty of HUGE musicians eagerly waiting for the new album . People we have worked with like Stu Marshall ( Dungeon , Death Dealer ) Pontus ( The Poodles ) and other artists like Nasty Rabit , Dimmu Borgir .

Metalhead Spotted: Nice Rocky thanks for your patience.

Well that was it with the interview .. Hope you will like the new Mystery album . What do you think ? Will this Rockin band rise ?

- Revölutíon

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