Kartikeya , The God Of WAR !

Honor Vishnu and all the gods in the Pantheon ! Kartikeya Death Metal band from Moscow . Well guys , we had folk and power metal suggestions , now we go a bit heavier with some other lyrical themes and Death Metal . Kartikeya is the god of war in the Hindu Pantheon .
Now we got its name and location , lets go on to the story , they were once Velial from 2004 - 2005 but they had not so great success as Kartikeya, now since 2005 they are Kartikeya and have 2 released ass-kicking albums . I listened to Mahayuga and the album is from 2010 .
My first impressions were a bit odd but I listened to 5 songs and I fell in love in that band . It is experimental , brutal riffs , blasts , clear and growling vocals . Some people call it Vedic or Hindu metal . It has Indian folk elements in it , with old classic Indian instruments and sometimes Violins . The lyrics are not long but not short and is always about Hindu gods and myths . For me the best song is Neverborn where he sings in clear voice and you can feel power in your veins . The greatest lyrics in the album was the Fields of Kurukshetra which was a battlefield in the Mahabharata . Label : Grailight Productions . 

Now the members , they had many past members however it would take a lifetime to line them up , however Andrew Ischenko , legendery drummer ( drummed in around 50 bands ) was with them from 2007 till 2010. Chela Harper entered the band this year .The current members are :
Roman ''Arsafes'' Iskorostenskiy ( Guitars , Vocals , Keyboards , Ethnic instruments , Wardrums , Drums )
Dimitry ''Drevo'' Sorokin ( Percussion )
Alexandr Miroshnichenko ( Drums )
Chela Harper ( Guitars , Back vocals )

Similar artists to this brutal mantra band are Rudra , Arkan and Shturm . Go meditate like a metalhead . Have a nice day and honor your gods , especially the gods of war . For more info about tours and the band:
http://kartikeya.bandcamp.com/  ... Namaste !


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