Formed in 2004, old school death metallers, “Warmaster”, claimed a strong position in the Dutch extreme metal scene after just one demo. Their first release, “First War”, gave them the opportunity to tour outside the country, receiving positive response through their force and delivery on stage. Just like their name indicates, as well as their material and lyrical content, war is the main subject for these guys, also, the name of the 2nd album, “The End of Humanity”, speaks for itself.

“Massive Kill Capacity” is the intro song, it perfectly expresses the image of a war zone – soldiers reporting in, while in the background, a part of the graveyard symphony (if I’m not mistaking) is present. And so the ruckus begins with the 2nd track, “Nuclear Warfare”, a very rough and powerful sound from the guitars, the riffs are outrageously sharp and heavy while the vocals beautifully stick to the old school death metal roots.
The great thing about this album is that it gets more and more aggressive ‘n’ savage from one song to another; if you already liked the first two, trust me, you won’t get bored or be disappointed when you check out “Deadly Artillery” and “Death Factory”. I’m sure this release will propel “Warmaster” to a new level in the death metal scene. Metaphorically speaking, this band has that kind of raw sound and strength in their music that fights it’s way to your eardrums and kicks the shit out ‘em.
Gonna jump the list a little bit and talk about my favorite song from the album. Believe it or not, it was pretty hard to pick but I’ll say “Barbarians” – it begins with some cool bass lines and then “the anthem of going apeshit” begins! Once again, the name speaks for itself, the song is very savage, primitive and brutal!
One and only ONE thing comes to mind every time I listen to this track and that’s WALL OF FUCKING DEATH!
No wonder they received so much positive feedback after their tours and gigs. And you bet your ass that was ancient history, when “The End of Humanity” will come out and be supported onstage, it’s definitely gonna be war!
The one thing I’m pissed about is that I suck at Dutch! And that’s because “Medestrijders Voor Volk En Vaderland” (the 10th track) brings out another savage display and it would be cool for me to know the lyrics, but in this case, headbanging will just be enough. Last but damn right not least, “Destroyer of Worlds”, I consider to be their most technical track. Mr. van der Ree destroys with that double pedal, while the guitars and vocals remain outstanding.
Well I’m out of superlatives at this moment, but on the other hand, this album doesn’t need spicy words, it needs listeners. And I’d  recommend this release to all old school death metal fans. I personally would love to destroy myself in a pit at a Warmaster gig! Hailz [9]

Credits to:
  • Destructive Music - http://destructive-music.com/ ; https://www.facebook.com/DestructiveMusic

  • Warmaster - https://www.facebook.com/warmasterofficial

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