ALPHA TIGER A rise of a new Power !

Yes , you may not know this band . BUT !!!  As to those who love power metal you would surely love this band it remembers to old school power metal . Just like old Hammerfall , Helloween or Blind Guardian they mastered the power metal , also they use speed metal elements , sounds perfectly . What I want ? Well I don't just love famous bands or overrated ones . Actually I want to highlight bands which Need to be famous.
  Well now you surely ask : '' Why the hell would I know some underrated band ?  '' The answer is that every band started like that . Seriously Bands need publicity and this world deserves more Metal and more Power . Alpha Tiger has similar lyrical themes to Helloween and Forever Storm . They were once Satin Black from 2007 - 2011 but they broke and they reunited in 2011 again . Only they changed the drummer: Axel Patzold was in Satin Black once, but from the band Painful Existence David Schleif hopped in and is now the drummer of Alpha Tiger . So , the members are :
  Dirk Frei ( Bass )
  David Schleif ( Drummer )
  Alexander Backasch ( Guitars )
  Peter Langforth ( Guitars )
  and Stephan '' Heiko '' Dietrich ( Vocals )                  
They had two albums : Man or Machine from 2011 which is really good old school like power metal , and I enjoyed it , and said : Hey , this is an ass-kicking band .

And the other one is from this year January 28th they released Beneath the Surface . Well the album has a good intro and very impressive power metal , can say also in some songs melodic power metal or speed metal . It made me an eargasm . Like really it was worth to listen to it . They made also a music videos, the most favorite is From Outer Space . So now have a chill and check this awesome band .

And go to a concert , about tours check their page : http://www.alphatiger.de/en/

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