NEWS: Stark Denial have released a new track called 'Hyllest Til Kulten'

Indian black metallers Stark Denial have released a new track called 'Hyllest Til Kulten' (Tribute To The Cult).
With the new line-up at work, their EP "War" was partially recorded. In December that year, the band launched the EP at BMK-3.
Post their performance at the Human Garbage Festival in Bangalore in Jan-14, the band started working on new material. Everyone in the band has been heavily influenced by the acts of 'The Second Wave of Black metal' like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Immortal, and the endless list of awesomeness.

So, they've decided to pay a tribute to these Black Metal gods (sorry, had to use at least one black metal pun). The riffs and the drum patterns were all composed and had elements of the second wave. During one of their jamming sessions, the vocalist, Kunal G came up with the idea of tributing this song to Oystein 'Euronymous' Arseth, the late guitarist of the legendary band Mayhem, and hence the title track was aptly named in Norwegian instead of English.

Recorded at Ashwin Shriyan's studio, they've done an exuberant job on this track.

A lyric video for the track is gonna be uploaded soon, and you'll be taken by surprise for sure.
It will also be included in their next full-length release, due next year.

- Piyush Ojha

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