News : New single out - Diamonds Are Forever

The metal band Diamonds Are Forever just released the first single from their upcoming album.

No more than 3 years ago, the metal band Diamonds Are Forever made their first appearance on the underground metal stage in their local town of Cluj-Napoca, RO. Now, after two EP-s released and a live DVD, the band made public their first insight of the full length album. This is a normal process and it was about time they did just that. Maybe all this process until now was to get them mature enough to embark on such a journey; we're talking about a full album and since this is their first, it better be a good one. So, to cut the tension, here is the first single. It is called "My fragile heart will feed the darkness":
For all of you who are new to this band, they are a metalcore band, based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Their music is a bit different than common metalcore bands out there, since a lot of their style is based on a combination of powerful vocals and guitar riffing with a lot of melodic riffing in between. You may say a lot of metalcore bands do this too, but Diamonds Are Forever don't use a default song pattern. They don't have one! Most of their songs are formed of non-repeating riffs. That's a bit unusual, but it seems they have found the way to manage them into their style. Their songs are like a story that takes the listener from point A to point B, but when you reach that final destination, they make it worth you followed their path.

With a fast growing popularity, sharing the stage with lots of known bands that we all love, like Suicide Silence, Veil of Maya, Betraying the Martyrs, Caliban, and tons more, Diamonds Are Forever is quite an interesting band to listen to and to look upon. We look forward to their album, since the single is promising enough to keep an eye close. It's all up to them! For you to follow them, they can be found here:

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