TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY FEST was one of the most anticipated gigs that happened in Thane, because of the massive 9 band line-up and the very fact that a record label in India organises a fest for the bands signed with them, which is I must say, a great achievement. Enthusiasts from surrounding cities travelled for the gig, including myself, and boy, it was worth everything.

The first band to open up the pits was SYSTEMHOUSE 33, we got to see the crowd mosh from the very first song for the night. The band played an amazing set, especially the epic breakdowns in 'Resistance'. Their rendition of Pantera's Sandblasted Skin was a kickass surprise.

Next up was Stark Denial. Kunal's raw, powerful screeches can give anyone goosebumps. The band played a tribute song for Euronymous, which was a complete masterpiece. I surely would like to see it make to their next EP/album.

Orion, from Mumbai tore the place apart. Nifty tempo-shifts, the build up to a sudden outburst of immense tight notes stole the show, also the pick-up of tempo and the continuous flow of songs, which was impeccably maintained after a loss of string is worth appreciating.

Cosmic Infusion is a band that has always surprised the viewers, this time with a drummer onboard and a new beastly song, 'Raktha Beeja'. The crowd humming to the melodies from 'Journey' was a beautiful scene to witness.

Grossty was the band that many looked forward to, and to a certain extent It was a bit disappointing. The constant feedbacks from the guitars, over done gore and gross themes and the mediocre riffage killed the mood which the hugely talented drummer was striving to maintain.

Halahkuh from Pune is a band that has gained followers from all around the country in a small span of time, their soul-gripping cover of Civilization Collapse was a treat to watch. Bassist Prakhar Soni's superb tones and Bappi's insane drumming were top-notch.

Fragarak are recently back from their China tour. And they have drastically improved over the years. A set with great leads and solos, a very unique voice texture, and a whole lotta bat-shit crazy drumming was what we experienced.

The mediocre mosh that was happening until then was suddenly lit up when Gutslit took the stage, courtesy of the legendary band Infernal Wrath's vocalist Afaque Azad and the renowned Akshay bar. Aditya Barve's stage presence, raw and spine-chilling squeals with Gurdip's bass pounding, Prateek's pinch harmonics and Aaron's face-melting tightness and out-of-this-world talent, is a combination worth neck-breaking to. The pure aggression that flows throughout their set, be it the OCs like 'Maze Of Entrails', breakdown-king 'Skewered In The Sewer' or the cover of 'Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog' , is skull-crushing!

After an approximate half hour of being randomly thrown around by Afaque Azad ,Albatross, the headlining act was up next. They had an hour of complete goosebump-sending covers like 'Holy Diver' and 'Bark At The Moon' and classic OCs, 'In The Court Of Kuru', 'The Dining Table' and newly released 'Children Of The Cloud' with 2 guest drummers ,Aniket Waghmode of Sceptre and Pushkar Joshi of Primitiv and their original drummer Jay Thakkar. The guest drummers did pure justice to the OCs and covers. Vocalist Biprorshee Das's vocals were literally breathtaking.  It is always enthralling to watch these guys live.

Turnout for the gig was average , despite the massive line-up and various freebies. Sound for the whole gig was superb, kudos to Pritesh Prabhune and the team, and the management by Kunal Choksi.

The wait for the next Transcending Obscurity Fest has already begun. And to watch more of such talents sharing and breaking the stage by their mind blowing performances.

Hopefully Kunal Choksi has more plans to keep this city's metalheads alive and united by such gigs!

*Also, check out the event page for 'Blizzard', RSVP here*

‎Review by Kaushik Joshi 
Edited by Navjot Kaur Gill
Picture Credits : Sumedh Gupte 

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