Grossty are a bangalore based 5 piece nasty grind-core induced death metal outfit who started around 2011 end.The members(Bad Influence, PIMP, Orphan, Monk killa and Kuchi) are known for their funny impromptu gigs and belt out their unique combination of grind/punk numbers.After releasing a 5 way-split in april 2012,they independently released their debut EP in november.After releasing a split CD(jerk off records)called Gen- Noise-Cide by march 2014 featuring international bands,Grossty managed to gain a cult following in the underground circuit.Having signed to Transcending Obscurity records recently, Grossty are pretty much kicked about releasing their brand new album promising more disgust and putridity, apart from playing their gig at Thane's United 21. Read on to find out more!

Metalhead Spotted: Hey guys,how have you been doing?!
Grossty: Same shitty band, different pussy buns.

Metalhead Spotted: When did you form the band?
Grossty:2011 end after our grannies forgot to take their breaths.

Metalhead Spotted:  Describe Grossty's music.How did you come about fusing grindcore with hardcore punk rock style titles and song structures?
Grossty:Its grind/punk. Jaded of listening to brutal music and incepted developing punk lecherousness.

Metalhead Spotted: For the newbies.Introduce yourselves(one by one)
Grossty: Hi there
             Hi there
             Hi there
             Hi there
             Hi there

Metalhead Spotted: Grossty's artwork is hilarious.Who has done the brilliant sketchwork? What was the philosophy behind the booger influenced logo?
Grossty: Choksi got us Baz and He did that artwork for us. It got more science than philosophy. It depicts our trip on hallucinogens. Check him out here .

Metalhead Spotted:  How has GG Allin and the Murder Junkies inspired Grossty? There even seems to be a snippet of Allin's interview in your song jesus christ!You guys into scum punk genre?!
Grossty: Nobody listens to punk without knowing GG. We are no exception.

Metalhead Spotted: How has the response from the Indian fans been so far?
Grossty:Random guys always support random bands.

Metalhead Spotted: After a split,EP;are there any plans for a full length debut?When do we expect the snot,grime and puke filled brand new album?
Grossty: Full length is on the cards. Pressing our cabooses hard to defecate that. It may have some undigested stuff like tomato skin, 25ps coin, spinach bits etc.

Metalhead Spotted: You are scheduled to play at the Transcending Obscurity fest on 11th. What should we expect from Grossty, as many fans or would be fans shall witness you live for the first time. Any possibility of GG Allin covers?Shall getting drunk be of any help?
Grossty:We anticipate ourselves not to suck on stage and We expose our umbilici to fans for sure. Nobody watches Grossty sober.

Metalhead Spotted: How did Grossty come about having 2 vocalists.Do you think it helps in the depth/flow of the songs?And how do you describe the band's vocal style
Grossty:These 2 vocalists met without knowing that they could do vocals. Former thought that latter as a morsing expert and latter reckoned former as an uduku player. Rest of the guys joined and they still been trying to chuck these 2 vocalists off.
“ Our band’s vocal style is too brutal that would make your grannies to visit library".

Naaaaaaaaaaaaa . Its just got growls, screams, gang shouts and punk vocals which are super normal to grannies.

Metalhead Spotted: Are Grossty's EP/split still in production?Where do we find them for purchase/download?
Grossty:No clue about it mate. We don’t  even have a copy of it. Just looking to plunder atleast a copy from a random guy so that it can be used as an adult diaper.

Metalhead Spotted: Any message to the fans at Transcending Obscurity?
Grossty: We are slated 1st at TOF and request you guys to come after that. Message to the fans - Tortoise on the tree.

Metalhead Spotted: We wish you all the very best for your maiden Thane gig.Thanks to take out time for this interview with Metalhead Spotted and see you at the show,cheers!
Grossty: Cheers!!

 more event details can be seen here

Interviewer- Abhimanyu Watve

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