Review: Midhaven - 'Spellbound'

Here is a new addition to the Asian heavy metal scene. They are the youngest of the guild in Pacific Asia to be signed to a major label. They breathe metal, live metal, and bleed metal. The band gives you a fresh dose of interesting Experimental and Progressive Metal through their first album, entitled “Spellbound”. With an instrumental that reminds one of Mastodon, clean vocals similar to Katatonia and harsh grunts and growls that back the cleans beautifully. On listening to the intro song “Lunar Blessing” one might be fooled to think that this band incorporates electronic music elements, but can be definitely wrong. “Seeking the Divine”, the 2nd track, will certainly raise some eyebrows and charge ones curiosity to reach the end of the album. “Spellbound”, “Tales from the Tide”, “The Third Eye” and “White Wash” are the songs that one might find most impressive. Midhaven can do well in the quality of production. The guitars one could say could’ve been a little better if clearer rather than raw and edgy.

Midhaven is a very talented, interesting, captivating  band, from which one would like to hear more of in the future., Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar

 Rating: 3/5 - ‎Review by Kevin Junk Kidd - Edited by Navjot Kaur Gill  - ‎April 6, 2014

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