After a presumably long search for the venues, The Stormbringer team got its hands on Rastafa, a restaurant with great ambience and a perfect place for a metal gig and recommended it to Akshat & Jinu for The Final Coming which was a complete DIY gig and more of a farewell gig for members of What Google Can't Find, Akshat Vaze & Ajinkya Joshi along with Varun Sathi of Numb Stubbed Thieves (N.S.T.), later bringing in Existence failed on board.

Numb Stubbed Thieves, a fairly young grunge rock band opened for the evening, mostly playing covers with a couple of OCs. Gumrah, an OC was the tightest song in their set along with a few good renditions of Nirvana songs. The drummer was a treat to watch as he played impeccably and with ease throughout the set. NST took more time to complete the set than headlining
What Google Can't Find, and the lame on stage joke made it even worse.

Existence Failed playing after 2 year hiatus was a relief to watch after NST. Vocalist Amrut Sathe displayed tremendous energy, his raw and aggressive tones with nifty delays on sound, along with the band's near flawless musicality, helped EF to make a mark they expected after a gap of 2 years. Their new line-up consists of Siddharth Bandal and Amrit from Mumbai-based Petrichor.

Amongst Denied was up next with Ajinkya Joshi on vocals. These guys make a lasting impact anytime I hear them live, especially guitarist Akshat Pande and Akash Sharma, he never fails to impress.

Adamantium was in line to destroy the stage next, crazy duel vocals & awesome crowd connection from Rohit and Girijith, the birthday boy, made it fun to break bones in the pit. Kevin on drums and the energy level over 9000 are the reasons I won't ever get tired of listening to them, hats-off mate! The final set, with What Google Cant Find and musicians from other bands Shubrayu De (Dark Helm), Akshay Gaikwad (What Plough?) Sushant Kulkarni (Amongst Denied) bid a proper farewell to their fellow musicians. 2-3 OCs and a couple of decent covers including Lamb Of God, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit, ended the day on a sad note for the founding members. We wish Akshat and Ajinkya best of luck with the other interests they want to pursue & hope to see them on stage again, someday (soon).

This was a tremendously successful effort on all the 4 bands, who have with the same or more enthusiasm helped this city's scene rise again.

Also, check out the link for 'Blizzard' below, an event by Metalhead Spotted in association with The Stormbringer at the same venue.
RSVP here

Review by- Kaushik Joshi

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