Fragarak is Indian death metal band from Delhi. The band‘s intense rhythms, exterminate drumming, fierced bass lines and invading musicianship placed them as one of the most newly emerge promising acts. The band earned a growing fan-base in the scene and critical acclaim with its first full-length Crypts of Dissimulation, described as “best debuts in Indian metal”. Crypts of Dissimulation would be one of the stand out albums from Indian metal scene. Fragarak‘s well-crafted music in their own way showcase where the band’s influences are firmly rooted in. Short while ago we grabbed them for this little conversation regarding their music, sound, style, previous release, future plans and many more general things.

Metalhead Spotted: Greetings from Metalhead Spotted! Firstly congratulations to you for securing a slot at Asia Metal Fest,China. Well, how did the story of forming Fragarak go? Could you please introduce Fragarak to our readers?
Fragarak: Thank you !
Yes, initially before Fragarak was formed, it was just Kartikeya(bass), Sagar(drums) and Ruben(guitars), as they were band mates from previous projects. Even before Arpit and Supratim came into the picture, there were a couple of initial structures and ideas of the album laid down. After auditioning for a vocalist, we were fortunate enough to finally find Supratim and found his vocals and ideologies to be similar with the band's views for the sound. It was during that time, we were looking out for a lead guitar player, and that's when we got to know about Arpit through a friend, and after checking out some amazing guitar skills through various videos he had sent to us, we were convinced he is a perfect fit for the band and actually brought a lot to the table. That is how the entity of Fragarak was born!

Metalhead Spotted: How did you came up with the band's name? Are there any mythical roots of the band name?
Fragarak: We jammed as an anonymous ensemble for almost.a month before entering the.studio, we finally decided on Fragarak, after countless names were tossed around. The name should rightfully depict our musical theme. Derived from the Celtic sword “Fragarach” which is empowered to shatter the toughest of all shields, Fragarak aims to attack the unrevealed deceptions shielded by the system and hence the name!

Metalhead Spotted: What influenced Fragarak‘s style and sound? What are the sources from which you draw your inspirations?
Fragarak: We are chiefly inspired by the sound characterising the early 90’s death metal scene, which comprised certain inherent black metal elements. To name a few bands would be Dissection, Unanimated; Besides Death as a direct influence, Cynic & Edge of Sanity also remain our main influences, considering the progressive elements they used in the realms of death metal sounds. Along with technical aspects from many modern death metal bands, it is worth to mention that classical music influences by J.S Bach and Richard Wagner are also important.

Metalhead Spotted: Your latest dominant release Crypts of Dissimulation received rightfully by fans. How do you feel about success it has in recent times, since it includes your debut full-length?
Fragarak: We always aimed to create an album with non-generic sound, which would hopefully bring something new to the table. We had a vision on how we wanted the album to shape up, which we think we did justice to at the end. With all the acclaim, praise and reviews received, it does feel good and motivating.

Metalhead Spotted: Lyrics shows that your songwriting chops often deals with society, injustice, anarchy and mythology. At a time what inspires you for the writings based upon injustice and mythology?
Fragarak: Against orthodoxy, would be more precise. The lyrics are dominantly themed upon the society and the lies it portrays as undeniable truth. To question the authority that steps on us, to retaliate against the lies we are forced to live with and to cultivate a much needed shamble is what the lyrics invoke... Yes, the phrasing language is in-the-face & strong, so that it hits you to realise that: what you are listening to is not unnecessarily catchy to chant - it’s as harsh as the reality out there!

Metalhead Spotted: Crypts of Dissimulation is both brutal old school and progressive in equal measure and the music is Well crafted, complex and streaking. How will you illustrate your sound to the fans?
Fragarak: Things didn’t start out by defining a genre, as we kept our composing as an experimental process where we explored and pushed our musical creativity as much as we could. We had an aim as to what we wanted to create musically, but kept our minds open to new ideas that sprung up within the band. It seemed to have worked for us and the music, as it turned out could best be defined by progressive death realms.

Metalhead Spotted: Well-crafted death metal compositions with elements from Black metal, Doom metal and Grindcore is being Fragarak‘s trademark now. How did you maintain a sound and outlook with such a way of working?
Fragarak: We weren't aiming at anything typically. We wrote down sections for songs as and when new ideas struck us and we definitely avoided forced writing which really helped us to focus and align our thoughts with what we wanted to achieve with Crypts of Dissimulation. We were always clear of wanting to explore, as for us it provided endless opportunities. The main key to our song writing were the arrangements, as we don’t follow a particular song structure per say.

Metalhead Spotted: Fragarak is set to play at Transcending Obscurity Fest, Is there anything you’re looking forward to doing on Transcending Obscurity Fest in support of Crypts of Dissimulation?
Fragarak: Definitely, yes! We’ll be playing the festival in support of our debut release with the set-list comprising the full length tracks from the album.

Metalhead Spotted: How do you view the metal scene in Asia and some excellent acts that have emerged in recent times throughout the Indian subcontinent?
Fragarak: Metal, over the.years have gained it’s prominence in Asia and yes, there has been a surge of remarkable bands from this part of the world. Asian metal has forayed into the world scene which is quite evident from the number of bands from here touring in the western parts of the globe, and it’s a matter of both pride and inspiration for the upcoming scene slowly building up momentum here. The number of potential acts from the sub-continent are many, and with the deserved exposure for their music, it might just as well cause a favourable impact. Being featured in the Asia Metal Festival line-up during our upcoming China tour, alongside great many premiere Asian extreme acts, this will be an interesting phase for us to be a part of and acknowledge what potential this part of the globe holds!

Metalhead Spotted: You guys had a great 2013, for sure. So what’s in store for rest of 2014? Any plans for new merchandise and album?
Fragarak: 2013 being good, we aim to make 2014 better! Kicking it off with the Nepal Death Fest and the upcoming China tour, there will be hopefully more tour dates in 2014 soon. Besides the available merchandise tees, which are on the verge of clearing out, next up will the Transcending Obscurity powered Fragarak “Crypts of Dissimulation” tees. The artwork is to be revealed shortly, and yes work on the next album is definitely in the pipeline!

Metalhead Spotted: Thanks for taking the time out for this little interview. Any last shout outs? And words to say to Transcending Obscurity Fest attendees?
Fragarak: Those who already have our album will witness the impact live, they are sure to relive their memorable moments from the album soon. Those who’ll be hearing us for the first time might expect some fresh reverberations for times to come, after their experience. Here’s to some good times we look forward to have, playing at the TO festival in Mumbai.. cheers!

Interviewer- Akshay Gaikwad
Edited by- Mercy Thoras

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