Diabolus Arcanium is a Chennai based symphonic black metal band which has recently come out with its debut called "Spellbound". Their music is characterized by a distinct atmospheric feel, seamless synth interludes and intense blast beats. This does not in any way, mind you, imply Diabolus Arcanium to be yet another stereotypical goat sacrificing, church hating, screaming and screeching morbidly fascinated Satan worshipping act. Their songs are insightful and melodic; inspite of being heavy to the avid listener with almost poetic and ambient lyrics gutted out by the vocalist "hex". They recently released their debut through "Haught records"). After major changes in their lineup, the style of music including the bands name; the focus has been on songs based on satanic philosophy with an atmospheric bend. Case in point, 'Herald of darkness' ,'Spellbound' 'Spiritual Entropy' and 'Kingdom of sin'.. All of which have very intricate riffs behind Hex's guttural vocals. The album has hints at Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth and Norwegian influences. But the only downside to the album one might find is the final mix which simply does not do enough justice to the music. Specially the drums by 'Astaroth' while providing brilliant blast beats are a tad too soft and severely lack resonance and the required "punch". Hence the final mix ends up sounding like a demo take rather. But other than that the synthesizers make up for the deficit and help strongly build the sonic direction of the album.

All in all it’s a nicely laid out debut effort by a band who has done a very important thing, i.e. mark the foundation of their style and blend right from the start. Here's hoping for a great future and a heavier path to Diabolus Arcanium.

 Rating: 2.7 - ‎Review by Abhimanyu Watve - Edited by Navjot Kaur Gill  - ‎April 12, 2014

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