RESTLESS MIND new single available for streaming


“Don’t Go Mad” is a fresh life-affirming single from the domestic metal formation «RESTLESS MIND», which was released on December 12, 2022. Having become a prelude to the head of a new band in the work, the track will tell the listener about the difficult path leading to survival equal to the perseverance of the doomed.

As always, Restless Mind will please its fans with a high-quality sound, the work on the captures was carried out by Playmaker Sound and Roman Novichkov.

Accessibility track for listening on the group page: https://restlessmindband.bandcamp.com/track/dont-go-mad

Cover - Edaliana Vocal
Text - Anton Gruzinsky
Guitars, music, mixing - Roman Novichkov
Drums - Andrey Ischenko

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