A New Breed Invented from The Kolkata Based Metal Music Stalwarts


After a long time (almost after a decade) heard something new from Kolkata based metal music pioneers. “Silent Wars” is a single track consisting of Kolkata-based death metal veterans Argo Mitra (Purgatory, Ground Zero, Warpath), brilliant and well-renowned guitarist Biswarup Bardhan (Chronic Xorn) and Vineeta Ghosh. Members mentioned above had their ups and down and experiments in the early stages of its career.

The horrendous track extended play "Silent Wars" with its unbalanced genre mixture and terrible production was followed by the much smoother and more structured effort Spirit. This is a perfect mixture of heavy metal instruments, inspired lyrics, uplifting melodies on one side, energetic guitar riffs, and harsh vocals on the other.

Production-wise, this is almost flawless. This is truly a master of their craft and I'm not sure that I've ever heard a single track come from them that isn't amazing. Portraying nothing but fantastic accuracy. Its pounding highs and foreboding lows create a unique, reflective atmosphere. This juxtaposition is typical, but they’re damn good at it. Make sure to give this one a listen!

The symphonies woven by the overpowering influence, heavy synth usage lend a mystical aura to the record, one that clashes brilliantly with the sinister underpinnings of the blasting drums and wailing shrieks. The music of the songs and lyrics together seem to succeed in taking the listener deep into the imagery of this ancient world.

 There is ample room given to flourish. This is so vivid and palpable that it seems unlikely that it will ever be supplanted on the highest throne of the metal world along with abrupt mood and tempo changes, and enthralling atmosphere showed that is spectacular.  “Silent Wars" is your cosmic key. This is astonishing in its all-encompassing aura and endless streams of brilliant song writing.

Check out the whole track below: 

Listen on Spotify:  https://spoti.fi/3zODSiz

Published by: Souvik Basu

Published on: 24-12-2022

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