Interview :~ Dreamsense about new single and upcoming album

Hello there and wellcome to Metalhead Spotted Magazine. How are you and what are you doing this days? 

George Ognev: Hi! We’re fine and working on our album. Also we’re preparing for a little journey to Saint Petersburg to play our show there on March 17.

Let's start with some old fashion history, can you please tell us about Dreamsense and how it was formed? 

George Ognev: Sure, gladly! Dreamsense is a metal band, which uses symphonic orchestra in arrangements. It was formed by me. In a 2015 we had play our first concert.

What gives you inspiration to write the music? 

George Ognev: Everything! Sunny weather, traveling, tasty food... I can continue this list forever :)
Tony Shabbat: The world around. People, nature, other music and every possible kind of art.

You released the band new single “Glasswall” in the end of 2018, how can you describe the reaction to it so far 

George Ognev: It was very well received by our listeners.
Tony Shabbat: Good. Song was well received by our audience especially at our shows. I can say that people love it and it makes me feel proud to be a part of this.

Do you have any plans for new album/EP? If yes - when it will be released? 

George Ognev: Totally yes! We’re working on our album right now! It almost finished:) If everything’s go well, it will releases in autumn.

I must say that people here in India don't know much Russian Symphonic Metal bands, do you know more bands like you in Russia? 

George Ognev: I don’t know:) Really! Russian Symphonic scene is quite monotonous actually. I find Dreamsense absolutely different from other bands. I can’t even say, that we are typical band for this genre. We are more metal band with orchestral arrangements, than just Sympho Metal. People always say that we sound more like Dream Theater and Within Temptation. Maybe because we like to experiment and trying not to cling to one typical style.

What can you say about the Russian underground metal scene 

George Ognev: It’s very specific and interesting.

Thank you for your time, hope to see you live soon. Any last words for our readers?

George Ognev: Don’t stop dreaming and listen to Dreamsense!
Tony Shabbat: Always support your local scene. Listen to the various music. Be kind to each other and take care of yourself. All the best wishes, ladies and gentlemen.

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