Interview :~ Agon and Black Metal from Miami

Hello Andre, and welcome to MetalHeadSpotted Magazine. Lets start with a simple question - what did you have for breakfast today?

At this exact moment, I only drank some good ol’ Cuban coffee, it’s still early in the morning so I will cook up something sooner than later.

Tell us more about your solo project, and how you decided to form "Agon"

Well I always wanted to create music and spread it around the world to have people hear it and appreciate it, so I wanted to write music straight from my heart, show everyone how my feelings were at the time. I wrote so many different songs and styles just trying to find my sound that I wanted to express, and the final product was the one that finally satisfied the sound I was searching for.

Why you choose the name "Agon" for your project?

I am a fan of Tolkien and his works, so I wanted something related to his lore. I found the word Agon and it said that it means “twilight, dusk” so I chose it since I liked the sound of it. Later on, I found out that agon is also a term from ancient Greece which stood for a struggle or a contest. That definition struck even more with the themes of my music, so I incorporate both meanings into my music.

Some people say it's hard to write good Black Metal if you are not from Northern parts of Europe. What can you tell about this theory since you live in United States

It doesn’t have to come from the northern regions of Europe to be good black metal. It all depends on the musician and what story he or she wants to tell to the audience. If it’s straight from the heart with great musical artistry, then it should be effective no matter the context. You could live by the beach or live in the middle of the darkest forest, no matter where you’re located, if you know how to write black metal and have the listener relate to it, you have done your job.

Last summer your released Agon debut album "Hollowed Lake", can you tell us more about the recording process and how the work was done

It took me up to 2 plus years to finally find my sound that I wanted for Hollowed Lake and during those years, I wrote some riffs for the album sporadically. It was only just to put them together and add additional elements to the songs to flesh them out. Recording-wise, my set up is simply just my iPad with GarageBand, my iRig guitar interface, and Lurssen Mastering Console app for the mastering.

You've made a long way since the release of the album - you signed with GlobMetal Promotions and your music entered the charts in Russian radio stations. How can you explain that after the release magazines all over the world publish the project but the Russian people found your music the most interesting?

I got no clue! I’m as baffled as to how I have a formidable following in Russia compared to even my local Miami scene! All I can say about this grand influx is because of GlobMetal Promotions and the hard work from Kostya Aronberg to promote my music in websites and radio stations in Eastern Europe and Russia. I could not have been more grateful for his help in spreading my music around his region.

What plans do you have for 2019?

My plans for Agon is to release my second full length album. I already have more than half of the album written out, just need to come up with a few more ideas to then record, produce, and master it all. Hopefully I can also try to play my songs live if I find session musicians who would be willing to learn my songs.

Thank you for your time. Any last words you wanna say to our readers?
Thank YOU for wanting to interview me about my music! I am honored that you want to help spread my music to others around the world. And for all the readers out there, I know my music and the music we listen to leans towards the sad and depressing spectrum of life and our mental states, but I want to let you know that there is a light at the end of whatever depths you are currently in right now. Luckily for me, I feel happy with my life at the moment compared to the time when I wrote this album. So I hope that with whatever help you may get and with all the patience that you can muster, that you can too feel happy about your life as well. Much love and gratitude to all. Up the irons!

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