Velnio Troba interview

Good mourning Jegor, welcome to Metalhead Spotted Magazine. Let's start from a simple question - what did you eat today for breakfast? :)

 Hi. Today I ate cottage cheese and some sandwiches :)

Tell us more about the idea behind Velnio Troba, and why you decided to form this project
Perhaps it all begins from my childhood. There were LARPG (live action role playing games) organisation in my town, and when I saw them in the street, I felt something strange, something that begins from ancient times, when sun was a god. I could not explain that feeling, it was like I saw ghost or ancient wizard, something magical and mystical. Then that feeleng came to me again and again. I remember one history lesson at school, I was 16 years old. I sitted in the end of the classroom, and fell asleep. I slept less than a minute, but I remember this dream for life. In this dream atmosphere was like in Dark Souls game, same lighting, same feelings. And there was a siege. I stood with sword and shield in the front row, and somebody strucked me with spear. I felt how spear passed through my side, how it got out from my back. I remember clang of weapon and armors, screams of soldiers. From the sensation of how spear strucked me, I woke up. After that dream the same visions met me again and again, more realistic.
So, Velnio Troba is meditation instrument for me to make these visions alive, something to transfer them from my mind into something tangible. Velnio Troba helps me to transfer these abstract visions into music, sounds that are ordered and understandable.
But what Velnio Troba means? "Velnio troba" from lithuanian translates as "a hut of the Imp", or devil. This is a place where mystical creatures are getting together and tell their stories, have fun and have a rest from their problems and tragedies. So the main idea of albums is tell story of each creature-guest of Imp's hut.

I sure you really sick of this question but - why "one-man band"? Why not to make a full line up?

Velnio Troba is something very close and intimate for me. It is all about my magical and mystical visions that I see and feel from childhood, so only I can explain them. It is meditation for me. Maybe I will play in some band, I would like to do this, but it will not be Velnio Troba.

Tell us more about "Jadviga" recording process

The Jadviga's recording process is simple as possible- I recorded it at home using audiointerface and Audacity software. I differ concepts "good sound" and "good music". Now it is very easy to get excellent quality of sound, but it is a masterpiece to make excellent mood and feelings in music, to give conceived form to the composition. For example, Poccolus-Ragana, or Burzum-Filosofem. There need to be harmony between sound's quality and composition's idea. For me music is not about only sounds, for me music is about souds, feelings and mood. It is about visions, which made by sound. It is like sharing energy, sharing minds and mood. It is like talk without words, like telepathy and empathy. So I recorded and mixed Jadviga by myself because I wanted to share this visions and feelings in my way. This is my meditation and my talk to myself, so nobody could not understand and share my visions better than myself.

What do you think about the "internet era", and the downloading links?

It is very interesting question. The internet became a huge part of our life, so it is normal that it became a part of music industry. Earlier people bought vinil, then CDs, now mp3 files. It became much more easier to get music, and I think that it is big advantage. But for myself, I prefer CDs, I like that feeling when you choose disc to listen, feel that smell of CD, this process of inserting disc into player. It is something different than only list playlist in your mobilephone. It's like compare e-books and physical books of paper. I think that there is nothing bad in downloading music, like reading books on smartphone, but CDs always will be nostalgic and more pleasant, like real books.

Thanks for you time. Any last words to our readers?
Listen to yourselves and don't be afraid of your visions.

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