An Interview With Ben Sollberger of Age Of Disclosure

Good mourning , welcome to MetalheadSpotted Magazine. Lets start with something simple - what do you have for breakfest? :)

Hi there! Normally, I just drink some coffee and have a yogurt or two for breakfast.

Tell us about the band and how it was formed

First I want to mention that Age of Disclosure is not a band, but a project. The beginning of it dates back to spring 2015, when I had the idea to professionally record some of the many songs I'd written in the past ten years. Bass player Adriano Troiano (Distant Past, ex-Emerald) soon joined the project and with his big expertise helped me to plan the recordings. We were then happy to win different gifted vocalists for the project, namely Orlando Skrylls (Skrylls, ex-Draven), Jvo Julmy (Distant Past, Lucid Dreaming, ex-Emerald), Roman Burri (No Reward, ex-Scream your Name), and Syn Schütz (The Hunt, ex-Draven). Last but surely not least, Buddah Craven (Underskin, ex-Acidcell) gave his okay to play the drums on To the Universe.

As the new album, “To the Universe” was released 3 months ago. How can you describe the album and what does make it different from all the others you've made before

As I have mentioned before, Age of Disclosure is a project and not a band – I have made albums with different bands before, but this is my first project effort. I would describe the album as a richly varied collection of songs – not only due to the four different vocalists that can be heard on it: No matter if you look for „good old“-heavy metal songs, tracks with a thrash or a hard rock vibe, a power ballad, or even an instrumental, you’ll find it on To the Universe. In this sense, our debut reflects the diverse musical influences of myself and the other musicians, ranging from bands such as Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche, Metallica, Savatage, Megadeth, Iced Earth, Killswitch Engage, Fates Warning, Alice in Chains, to Kiss or the Scorpions.

Your album was released on "Kunz Soundcorp" and promoted by "GlobMetal Promotions". What can you tell our readers about thouse guys, and why you choose to work with them 

Tek Kunz is the owner of "Kunz Soundcorp" and he is a good friend of mine. We played in different bands together. When I planned the release of To the Universe I asked him if I could publish the album under his label because he is a very reliable guy and he also helped me to choose the songs we recorded for the album. He luckily likes the album very much.  A few weeks after To the Universe was released, I got a message from "GlobMetal Promotions" – they offered me to help me promote the album. Since we have no gigs with Age of Disclosure (which I think is very important if you want your music to be spread) I thought it was a good idea to let "GlobMetal Promotions" help me doing that. Kostya from "GlobMetal Promotions" is a very kind and also reliable guy, so I really enjoy working with him! 

What about the people who download your albums on the Internet? Do you think is it good or bad?

I have a full-time job as a teacher and music is my big hobby, so luckily I don’t have to rely on making money with my music. So I don’t care if people download my music for free. But there are many bands out there who try to live out of their music, and I think that people should actually buy their music.

What your fans should expect from the band in 2018?

With the help of my friend Adriano Troiano, I am currently working on songs for the next album. We have planned to see at the end of this year what we have in the bag and then choose the songs we will be recording in 2018. I would say to the second album will be finished around spring 2019.

Thanks for the interview! Any last words you wanna pass to your fans and our readers?

Yes – we all know that the music market is oversaturated with lots and lots of good music, so I really want to thank all the people who check out Age of Disclosures music! If you like traditional heavy metal (but with a modern sounding / intense production), I think that is not the worst idea ;-).

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