An Interview with Se Ho Know of Monster league

Hello Sung-a Cho, welcome to MetalheadSpotted Magazine 
Hello. My name is Cho Sung-a. Nice to meet you. 

Tell us more about the band’s history and how you met with other guys? 
Monster league has founded at 2012. Vocalist: Cho Sung A and Drummer: Seho have been played for heavy metal bands-Madam Miryo, Silent eye since 2001. We have met Guitarist: Kim tae in and Park Chan gyu introduced by a friends. Finally, One of power bassist : Oh Ui Hwan who was friend of Kim tae in joined our band. We released single albums - The Dark Hero(2013), Tower of Babel(2013) and EP album - I saw the Devil(2016) 

What bands influence the most on the band style? 
We are heavily influenced by Judas Preast. Besides, a lot of powerful heavy metal bands - Metallica, Helloween, Children of Bodom, Iron maiden ETC - are affected to us. I think those are pervaded our music.

In 2016 you released your debut EP “I saw the Devil”. Tell us about the writing process  
When we make a song, one of our member gives us unfinished. Then, others flesh out the line of there part. All of our songs are made by these method. The albums are recorded in Tomato studio at Seoul, Korea. Mixing and Mastering are performed same place. It is need to tell the story of our music. We hate some evil things. Brutal crime -like a murder, rape- make us angry. We can not punish the criminals by hands. But we can play the music to express our crazy angry. So when we write songs, heinous crimes are used by motivation. 

How the EP has been welcomed in the world? 
After the release GlobMetal Promotions(GMP) contacted by chance at our SNS. They told us that GMP want to promote Monster League because of our music and possibility. At that time, we strongly want to show new album to many people. We thought that GMP will be a good partner for promotion. So, The GMP and Monster League contract immediately and Our music spread all over the world. 

So this is the reason why you choose to work with PR-companys
As I said, GlobMetal is a global promotion company for Rock/Metal musician. They have various program to promote their bands. I think they are working hard for bands. That is the reason why we choose them for promotion company. 

Good luck! Thanks for the interview! Any last words for our readers? 
I really want to play our music in front of you. Good luck, God bless you, Thank you.

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