An Interview with Karolina Kotwieja

Karolina is an aspiring vocalist from Poland, she currently lives in Belgium where the Metal scene there is bad ass. Every year Belgium has some of the biggest music festivals such as Alcatraz and Graspop. I have known Karolina for quite some time now via social media, her talent for unclean vocals is amazing and she is by far one of the most talented vocalists I know. She also is one of the biggest rock/hardcore/ metal junkies out there. Some of her biggest musical influences are Angela Gossow (previous vocalist of Arch Enemy), Winston McCall (vocalist of Parkway Drive) and Johan Liiva (previous vocalist of Arch Enemy, vocalist of Nonexist). Down below is the interview I did with Karolina, also check out her vocal cover of Parkway Drive’s song Karma.


Metalhead Spotted: Can you tell a brief history about yourself musically? At what age did you start unclean vocals?

Karolina: Since I was 3 years old it was my dream to be a vocalist. I growl for 3 years now.

Metalhead Spotted: Who are your musical influences?

Karolina: My first biggest influence was Angela Gossow and  later I discovered Winston McCall, Johan Liiva, Chris Breetzi, Chris Barnes. But i think Angela is that one who had big impact on me.

Metalhead Spotted: What is the Metal Scene like in your area?

Karolina: At the moment I live in Belgium and there are so many hardcore bands what is cool because I like hardcore.There’s where I come from are many great death metal bands like Thunderwar, Hybris, Hazael, Decapitated and my favorite polish band Vader.

Metalhead Spotted: If you were to describe yourself in one simple word, what would you say ?

Karolina: I am stubborn. I think in a good way it's pretty much common with being very ambitious. Sometimes it annoys me that i am very ambitious because it costs lots of time to do what i want the best but after all it's worth it!

Metalhead Spotted: What advice would you give to other people that either are trying to do unclean vocals or wanting to learn?

Karolina: Don't give up, never. It'll be a long journey but after a few years of practice you'll reach a sound you want.  And practice of course. People are learning things through the whole life and if you want to be good at doing something you have to practice all the time.

Metalhead Spotted: What band would you want to open for and why?

Karolina: There are so many bands I would like to open for but I think the most important to me are Arch Enemy, Parkway Drive, Heaven Shall Burn, Architects and of course The Ghost Inside.

Metalhead Spotted: I have seen all of your vocal covers, you have an amazing talent for unclean vocals, if you had the choice to audition for any band if your own choosing who would it be?

Karolina: Well, thank you so much. If I had a chance to choose it would be Arch Enemy, because I feel very comfortable covering their songs and I know all of their lyrics.

Metalhead Spotted: Is there anything you would like to add?

Karolina: If there is someone who wants to start a band and searching for a vocalist or just needs guest vocals or something feel free to message me on my Facebook page, and thank you Rose for a great interview.

Interviewed by  Rose F.

Links: https://www.facebook.com/carolzmeetsgrowl?fref=ts

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