Album Review: Disarmonia Mundi- Cold Inferno

Earlier this year Melodic Death Metal band Disarmonia Mundi announced they were mastering and producing a new record at the Metal House studio .Throughout the year Disarmonia Mundi gave updates about their upcoming album Cold Inferno which was released June 9, 2015. The band members consists of Ettore Rigotti (drums, guitar, bass, keys and clean vocals), Claudio Ravinale(unclean vocals). Cold Inferno has Bjorn “Speed” Strid (vocalist of Soilwork) guest vocals on some of the songs. Speed was on Disarmonia Mundi's previous albums such as Fragments of D-Generation, Mind Tricks and the Isolation game. Christian Älvestam former vocalist of Scar Symmetry also does guest vocals in Disarmonia Mundi's album Cold InfernoEvery record Disarmonia Mundi released has been jaw dropping, there were small clips of some there new songs posted on their Facebook before the album came out. Every clipping that was posted got great feedback from the fans. I listened to Cold Inferno, I would give the album a 5/5, one of the best Metal albums released in 2015.

Links: https://www.facebook.com/DisarmoniaMundi?fref=ts

My Rating: 5/5. Review done by Rose F. 

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