This year BMK 4 returns to Thane with a bigger, bad – asser and lengthier lineup never seen before! Last year Black Metal Kreig had been a thumping success with extreme metal bands from the sub - genre arriving from lengths and breadths of the country and this year the game has gone international. Yes sir, with the likes of bands including Sri Lanka’s “Dhishti”, France’s “Manzer” its going to be one mad hat gig not to be missed under any circumstances! Needless to say bands like Toxoid, 1833 A.D, Solar Deity will only add up to the insanity, we recommend some band- aid(geddit, band-aid! sorry) and pain relieving balms for the body aches. Here is the lineup in no particular order:

1) Stark Denial – War based extreme Black metal (Mumbai)

2) Cosmic Infusion – Atmospheric Black metal (Mumbai)

3) Spiked Crib – Symphonic Black metal (Mumbai)

4) Toxoid – Satanic Black metal (Delhi)

5) Solar Deity – Extreme Black metal (Mumbai)

6) 1833 A.D – Extreme Black metal (Delhi)

7) Vinaash Kaal – Black metal (Aurangabad)

8) Dhishti – Depressive Suicidal Black metal (Sri Lanka)

9) Manzer – Thrash/Black metal (France)

Yes folks, you've seen it correct, it’s a 9 band lineup full of devil’s orgy. And what better weather trying to simulate the cold of the Nordic region, its music and otherwise? So this Sunday, grab your favorite drinks, get fuck all stoned and be a part of this historic lineup and its madness! Until next time.

Venue – Same ol’ United 21,Thane
     Entry fee – 600 Bucks
     Time – 4 pm onwards, this Sunday

-Abhimanyu Watve

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