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2014 was a good year for Indian Metal. We saw many big bands releasing their record and also new bands emerging quickly and receiving crowd appreciation via Singles, EP, and LP. I am going pick up 10 very best records in 2014 and they are not in serial wise. I am just going to express my pick on best releases and am happy so much happening in the Indian Metal Scene. I already see 2015 as another heavy year with metal reaching out to more people.
TDT’s release was a New Year gift to Indian Metal. The record is absolute piece of art and the fusion of folk and thrash been cooked up so perfectly that this album took away almost everything at Rolling Stones Metal awards 2014. If you haven’t heard this, then you should do it now.  “Shiva”, “Nagavalli” are must listen tracks. Buy
Ironclad is a phenomenal record by Undying Inc. We all were saddened after the band got into something we never expected but when they bounced back, they did so strongly that it blew everyone’s mind. Ironclad is just the trailer of what Undying Inc is capable of and I can’t wait to have another groovy, brutal record from the band. The band’s hard work over the years been so inspiring to other people and with this release they certainly have lifted the bar off. So beware, you won’t get rid of this so easily.  “Pit Mechanics” is my personal favorite.

Theorized is one of the best thrash metal bands in the country. “PSYCHOSPHERE” is just a confirmation of their supremacy in the genre. The album is a vast fairy tale for all the thrash lovers. The crunchy riffs, solos, the power in vocals and the overall sound of the band is just at its best level and will seduce you to headbang so badly.  So if you are a thrash maniac, this one will give you orgasm. “Riptide”, “Engines of Creation I & II” “Psychosphere” are the tracks you want to keep in loop. Buy
  •  Toxoid - Aurora Satanae 

This record is really mesmerizing, especially if you are into black metal. “Aurora Satanae” is the record you have to have in your collection if you want to live back in your dark world. The tone is so wicked and satisfying to your ears that you will find yourself in a trauma of blasts and wicked riffs bouncing in your head. Toxoid have definitely kicked off its journey with a blast, so don’t forget to check out the record. “Feed My Wrath”, “Mystical Misanthropic Doctrine” and “Aurora Satanae” are must listen. Buy
This record will take you back to Old School Death metal days. The melody and raw feel which you can feel through your nerves in the record is mind blowing. Winter Gate absolutely killed it in terms of songwriting. I know you will be hooked to this for a long time.
The length of the tracks are long but you know its worthy enough for a song to be of that much length and it stills pull you back and make you travel through all the elements of the song. So this is your food if you are hungry for some in depth tasting music. Buy

 “The Demon King” is absolutely one of the finest albums of 2014. The beauty of the album is its variations in every song. Every song is different in terms of their specific nature they tend to carry or simply the melody and aggressive influences are perfectly blended in. Also the album defines the sound of DR, I can identify any DR songs from the very moment first note comes out which I feel many Indian bands are still figuring out. I bet everyone knows about this record and “The Assassination”, “Death, Desolation and Despair” and “The Demon King” are must listen. Buy

Man” is a masterpiece by Bhayanak Maut. I have no more words to say about this. I can’t decide my best from the album because all the songs are insane. So feel free to go through the journal and the songs again and again and then cook your brain. Buy

Holocaust Awaits”- fluent, brutal and real. This record is a must grab for death metal fans. I loved the guitar parts very much as it somehow sounds unique and separates the band from others. The whole sound of this record proudly belongs to them and the song writing is brilliant with a perfect mix of breakdowns, solos and punchy riffs. “Blasphemy” “Democratic Warfare”, must check.

Skyharbor's Guiding Lights redefined the beauty of progressive metal. The complete album is a journey and will give anybody internal peace. I enjoyed the in depth emotions being attached to all the songs and how they give you the pinch of being alive and being thankful to everything you have. "Evolution" "Guiding Lights" and "New Devil" should be in your playlist. Buy

Hail Mogambo” is insanely good. Scribe always been known for their unique approach towards their creation and this record will give you the confirmation about how they are now much better. The record is energetic, groovy with some touch of melody. Scribe is undoubtedly the best hardcore act in India and if you dig hardcore, this is your toy. “Cops Cops (Cops Cops)”, “Ha Ha! We are Poor!”, “Captain Raj”, my pick from the album. Buy

I am done. I personally also loved the albums by Gypsy and Asylum. If I missed out any amazing band, let me know; I will surely check out! Keep Smashing \m/ Happy New Year !


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