Defyd, a four piece Alternative/Progressive/Doom metal band from Bangalore released it's first self-titled EP, since their inception in early 2009. The band consists of Suhas Nair on vocals/guitars, Adhir Punja on drums/vocals, Jeeva on guitars and Meeth Medappa on bass.

The self titled EP starts with Abandoned, a track with decent riffs and heavy bass lines. The vocalist shows-off his range in the opening track and doesn't fail to impress. Though the only letdown is that the guitars over-shadow the drums throughout the song. End This Illusion is the longest one on the EP clocking at 11:46 mins. This track has its sound leaning to the band's metal influences. Very low levels of bass and the predictable solos, more or less similar to Master Of Puppets are a bit of disappointment.
The tempo shifts and overall arrangement are worth appreciating. After a point the track does seem a bit over-extended.
The third one on the EP is Faithless, is the heaviest one. Average riffs, good vocal patterns and a nifty solo lift the mood after the last one. The last track titled Through The Veil makes a nice impact on the listener, with simplistic guitars being a plus point. Throughout the EP, the band's plethora of knowledge and a lawful feat to construct easy-listening music is visible.
Production for the release is superb except a few bits here and there.

  Rating: 3.2 - ‎Vocals
 Rating: 2.5 - Guitars/Bass
 Rating: 2.5 - Lyrics
 Rating: 3.5 - Production

 Rating: 3.0 - Overall

‎Review by Kaushik Joshi - ‎Jul 8, 2014

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