CAP DE CRANIU "Homeopathic Treatment for Social Disease" DRUM + GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

  • From left to right - Razvan (drums), Averac (vocals), Calin (guitar), Paul (bass), Andrei (guitar) and Mihai (vocals).

Nearly a month ago, Romanian Death Grind icons Cap De Craniu have released another playthrough for the song "Homeopathic Treatment for Social Disease". This time it's drum mode, interpreted by the sextet's co-founder, Razvan Raduta. Speaking about playthroughs and co-founding members, Calin Raduta demonstrated the precise guitar jam for the song, earlier this year.

Before checking out the videos, know there are a couple of really cool attributes that give this band the edge: founding brothers Razvan and Calin are quite multi talented s.o.b.'s who have shown, over the years, a tremendous will to evolve in everything they like doing. Great examples of humble, talented, hard working people. Besides CDC and lots of former music projects, these dudes play in another iconic group that is (and probably will forever be) a Hardcore/Rap Metal father figure for the local scene, H8, while Calin also orchestrates a studio project called Hang Him.

Beyond the music hemisphere, Calin has been "inking" skins for over a decade, currently in the highest ranks at Dark Side Ink Division, he's also a drawer and graphic designer (link to his work here!), whereas Razvan is manipulating technology in the fields of video production (through his own oldboystudio) as well as music engineering.

So basically, if you're into extreme underground music, you can tell Cap De Craniu is a band that perfectly identifies itself with what DIY really is - the creation, mixing, production, video and designing features of their music is in their hands, minds and hearts.

First off, the main topic - drums

...and guitars (obviously!!!!)

For those of you who like what they've watched, listened and read about Cap De Craniu and are eager to find out more...I've taken care of that too! "Homeopathic Treatment for Social Disease" is the 2nd track of their latest material, released in late December 2013 through Metalfan Romania, the "Split it Out" split EP with another precious crew from the Romanian underground, previously interviewed here at Metalhead Spotted - Breathelast. Highly recommended for the Post Hardcore/Metalcore enthusiasts.

'Till next time, hailz! \m/
K.J.K. McShane

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