News : Midhaven's North East Tour Starts Tomorrow

Midhaven will head to the North East for a few shows in Kolkata, Guwahati and Itanagar for the "Spellbound" tour. They’re playing with some killer acts along the way such as Intoxicate, EVIL Conscience, Shrap and Asymmetry

The Band has got some good review worldwide. They are the youngest of the guild in Pacific Asia to be signed to a major label. The band gives you a fresh dose of interesting Experimental and Progressive Metal. Now, Midhaven will be taking those killer textures and jaw-dropping moves to audiences across the North East.

Regarding this Midhaven's Frontman  Karan Kaul told us :
"We're really excited about visiting the north east to promote our album. Our hearts go out to the organisers who made this happen. This one will go down in the history books."

Confirmed dates and venues are as follows:
4th July - Kolkata
8th July - Guwahati
11th July - Itanagar

-Navneet Sandhu

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