Band: “BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER” and evoking them to reawaken through music and not just
Constraining it into the realms of “mere entertainment”, apprehensive about the fact of being “labeled”,
Nevertheless “The Hobos” are a progressive/ experimental act”.
The Band, Inspired by Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, The Doors, etc. are working on originals, Experimenting by infusing raga and a number of Indian sounds in some of their songs aiming to expand. Minds of the audience, induce hedonism, at being their shaman for musical explorations and further.  The band has been crowned as winners many a times, and not only are they crowned winners but also didn't
Forget to take the prize for best drummer, guitarist and vocalist along with winning credible audience
Appreciation and repute for their original scores and high energy live gigs.

On the 1st of July 2014 the Kolkata based rock band THE HOBOS launched their self titled album. First track is Escape, which is a laid back song with melodious piano works. It is about a disconnect from real world and about being submerged instead in a surreal one. followed by track Honour which is Patriotic in the band’s own way, Honour is dedicated to those who fight for us at the borders. It is a hard grunge number with high voltage drums. At six minutes and 10 seconds it is the longest song in the album
Endless trauma is a song which projects slow death due to depression and desperation. Based on an augmented scale, it is  set to complex counts of seven and six. Broken home are one of the softer numbers in the album, it is about the agony of children from dysfunctional families. The notes on the keyboards are mellifluous and the lead guitar is played with maximum delay. Kurukshetra is about the band’s tribute to the epic battle, Kurukshetra is about the wars in our lives. It being begins with the sanskrit sloka “Yada yada hi dharmasya”, that was heard before the battle in The Mahabharata. Kurukshetra is based on a Hindustani classical raga Bhairav and comes to life with Indian instruments like the flute and harmonium. The song Lust is about the emotion that instills a drive in us to do things we otherwise wouldn't have. This song is about insatiable greed for more. It enters with the bass guitar and is followed up by hard-hitting drums and guitar riffs. The composition has huge vocal modulations with the voice ranging from extreme highs and dropping down to almost a whisper. The song Ballas before butchery tells you about how establishment shuts the voice of dissent. This roller coaster of a song has its soft ballad like bits and then fades into butchery. It’s got heavy drumming and guitar riffs, church organs and an opera like build up before fading in to a soft signoff.
Trance of Mahakal  is the the heaviest song of the album which is about the madness of, and in praise of, lord Shiva. It’s got heavy drums and guitar riffs juxtaposed with soft and hard vocals. The song is based on a rage Puriya Dhanashree and uses Indian instruments like Tanpura, Santoor, Sitar and Dugdugi(damru), which is said to be Shiva’s own instrument.

‎Review by Rishi Raj - Edited by Mercy Thoras  - ‎July 16, 2014

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