Mister Kto! new single is available for streaming


The music project "Mister Kto!" has presented a single titled "The Red Pill."

Inspired by the profound and philosophical musings of Andrei Kurpatov, "Mister Kto!" takes the listener into a world where music and contemplation collide, creating a symphony of emotions, revelations, and questions.

What lies behind each choice? What world will be revealed after swallowing this "Red Pill"? Can we return back? Is the traveler ready for a musical reinterpretation of everything they knew about life, themselves, and the world?

In this track, echoes of Russian rock, philosophical undertones, and a call to self-discovery can be heard. To the attentive listener, it offers a deep and multi-dimensional analysis of the contemporary state of the human soul, on par with the finest examples of Russian rock.

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