War Of Shards new single is available for streaming


Russian Metal project War Of Shards released their new single «Farewell». The metal opera tells about the world of an alternative magical future, torn apart by the war of yesterday's allies, the descendants of the Legion. In a cruel war among the stars, there was a place for love. Mulgrave and Squalla found each other, but it turned out to be impossible to cultivate a bright feeling while friends and enemies are dying in a terrible battle. Duty calls the Guardian of the Way, and he, as always, is above all. The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Gorbunov.

The Epic Metal opera War of the Shards is one of the most ambitious and global musical projects in Russia. An exciting story awaits you about the birth of new heroes and their dramatic fate, about immortal love and eternal war between irreconcilable enemies - the heroes of an alternative future; amazing music and fantasy illustrations that immerse you in another reality, where courage and rage, knowledge and mysticism converged between the stars.

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