Dreamworld new single is available for streaming

 After the most mystical Halloween holiday, the Barnaul Melodic/Neoclassical band «Dreamworld» celebrated with the release of a new release. The result of the painstaking work of the band's musicians Alexander Cheremisin, Dmitry Godnya and the guest vocalist of Anton Gruzinsky (Restless Mind) was the single "The Devil in Two Steps", which was positively received by connoisseurs of the genre.

It is impossible not to note the fact that this collaboration between the bands is not new and a few months earlier this creative tandem presented the song “Death awaits you!” to the listener, which is nothing more than a cover of the notorious “Blind Guardian - Welcome to Dying”.
Work on the single was carried out at the Barnaul studio of Konstantin Korotaev, vocals were recorded by Dmitry Mashkov, the text was traditionally written by Alexander Hololovich, music by Dmitry Godnya.

Nora new single available for streaming

 At the end of October, Russian project «Nora» presented to the audience a new single, called “Played”. Recorded by Anna Maloletneva (vocal, music, text, concept) and Vlad Konovalov (piano part), the song-story tells the listener about the wrong prioritization, selfishness, the inability to appreciate those who are nearby and about drug addiction that destroys everything that was once - it's expensive.

«Nora's» music is a symbiosis of dark and light matters of inner reflection. The product of their own activity is a kind of fusion of emotional alternative music, rock and even ethnic music.

Fidite Nemini released new single


Swedish Heavy Metal band Fidite Nemini released their new single «Burn the Witch». The single was recorded in Loud Drums Studio in Billesholm, Sweden and mixed/mastered by Micke Rosengren.

Fidite Nemini was formed in 2021 by Simon Söderberg (Guitar/Vocals), Johan Karlsson (Bass/Vocals), Andy Whitehead (Guitar) and Marjan Probic (Drums). The members decided to join forces from other bands whose voices could not be heard and create their own band that will play an old school style Metal. After only 1 month rehearsal the band played their first gig in July 2021 at the Rock n Rona Rockfest and continued to play throughout Sweden at smaller gigs and Festivals. During this period the band released 2 singles "Reality Insanity" and "Black Magic" and are now working on a full length album.

Also the band new video clip on the song "Insanity Reality" is available on YouTube here:

New single from Electromaniac and Mr. Kto!


“Whatever happens, there will always be a total in the end ...” - this is exactly what the press release of the single “Итоги” sounds like, created in the creative union of Tyumen musicians Sergey Salnikov (Electromaniac) and Dmitry Pronkin (Mr. Kto!).

Recorded at the local "Studio 114" under the direction of Steven Berkovec, known to our readers, including for his work with Anna Samoxa and Drinking Pumpkins, the track is avalable on all known music venues in the world


Russian Rock band Magnet released new single

 Are you one of those who appreciate every minute, not used to wasting time? Then you will surely like «Magnet» new track - “Get Up”. The song, written in the classical traditions of melodic Russian rock, combines the best created in this genre. The song "Get up" does not have a marching pace and slogan appeals. At the same time, after listening, an irrepressible thirst for activity appears, an inexhaustible desire to live, create, empathize, and help those in need. This, perhaps, is the meaning of life, for this every person is born. It is gratifying that in our difficult times such pure, sincere, soul-turning songs appear inside out. Stop lying on the couch: listen to the track "Get up" and get down to business - this world is waiting for you!

The Faceless Hunter released new album

 Russian Progressive Death Metal/Alternative Metal band The Faceless Hunter released their new album «One Minute To Midnight». The release was recorded in "Holy Tube Studio", mixed/mastered by Andrew Ivanenko and released by PATRIOT LABEL.

I.C.Wiener released new maxi-single


Russian Alternative Rock/Metal band «I.C.Wiener» from Komi Republic released their new maxi-single "На Атомы"

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