Album Review:~ Inferno - Paradeigma (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)


Playing darkened, occult, ritualistic, Satanic, and mystic black metal in the demonic version is always appreciable. Already a lot of good black metal albums released this year and looking forward to the end of this year. In this extreme metal music genre first wave black metal and second-wave black metal bands are full of reverence. The experimentation isn’t the only part of the music that’s carefully measured and blended into the mix. Some moments are triumphantly filled with expansive and engrossing melodies, others upbeat and many are just plain weird. Czech Republic's Ritual whispering, bringer of darkness Inferno unleashed their eighth full-length album entitled “Paradeigma (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)” will release on this month via Debemur Morti Productions. Mixing black metal with esoteric, obscure, mysterious, introspective passages, dense otherworldly blasting, avant-garde together was always their forte. The new album is filled with more unearthly, astounding, critical acclaimed, heavy, claustrophobic misery, enigmatic melodies.

 Basically, Inferno was formed in 1996. They have been slinging noxious, elevated Czech Republic's extreme metal scene. This new studio effort is consists of 6 tracks. An ever-increasing number of black metal bands feature dissonance and accessibility in equally impressive amounts. Certain black metal bands were able to gain proper attention and actually attempt to cross both realms and unite them under one cohesive effort. Inferno is well-known in black metal circles, and a new release is always somewhat of an event for people with a taste for high-quality esoteric substance. Inferno is a well-established group of bands who can make a fully sound and creative and with lots of excellence, ritualistic, hatred, blasphemy in his lyrics, with well crafted, distinct content. After so long in existence, they have gathered a wealth of experience and dark talents, which they liberally pour into their music.

Their eighth incantations whole compositions are extremely filthy and unsettling pieces of sinister euphoria and unearthly ambiance .when at first I’ve checked out their first released track from this album I was just overwhelmed and this album was one of my long-awaited, anticipated album of this year. In this band, each and every member is an excellent musician and appreciates their unsurpassed quality, ability, and skill. All of their tremendous effort portrayed in this album in a radiant way with excellent diligence and nailed it. After a multiple listen their latest studio effort infused me with their Unrelenting, powerful, blasting, overarching, chromatic, chaotic, multi-layered,ultra-dense, ritualistic, monolithic black metal musical style laced with the atmospheric vibe just blew me away. Inferno's collective wisdom and expels it as almost 36 minutes of shadowy artistry. The guitar riffs churn forth an impenetrable layer of dense and claustrophobic black metal with remorseless precision and aggression. Their musical style has a hypnotic effect and especially ritualistic, esoteric, arcane vibe which adds to the more atmospheric kind of black metal but at the same time, the vocals and other parts of the riffing are straight forward blasphemous simultaneously. 

This whole album reflects the grand diversity of sound brought together on this album. It is really not easy to describe their complex musical style. Black Metal with unconventional influences enjoys indeed tend quite popular. A natural synthesis of dissonant sounds and disparate styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity. Despite the often mysterious, furious, cacophonous, heavy, and barbarous form of black metal assaults laced with dark eerie, gloomy, and occult atmosphere with lots of segments of slower,mid-paced tempo too where Inferno combines cavernous drum thrashes, melancholic guitars, previously mentioned all aspects enriched this album that is very powerful, strong and excellent all at the same time along with a good balance of black metal music, melody and brutality with strangulated, filthy, horrific riffs work and those effective chants simultaneously borrow blackened, gloomy, sinister vibe. Inferno knows how to hone their aggression to deal with some grievous wounds.

This album is filled with a slew of cadence, apocalyptic, squalid, ominous, hellish, crawling, slow but powerful riffs work. Drumming, the percussion lineup is bleak, frantic, solid, clattering, and powerful. In each track, breathtaking, morbidly delicious, scalding, macabre, soaring riffs, bass lineups matched in a good manner with hellish, devilish chords and horror, mournful sounds are rightly used as an additional uncanny harmonic layer. The most striking thing you’ll notice about the sound of Inferno is the air of darkened auras, occult moods, and haunting melodies that quite literally drips from the noise they create. This whole album's sound delivers a dissonant, grim feeling, sinister, occult, gruesome black metal with raw emotion and pure energy. “Paradeigma (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)”  endures the beauty of black metal. This album indulges strong songwriting and brilliant musicianship. This album has a hypnotic effect on the listener. Vocals large, inhuman voice that does well for Inferno. Vocals howling scream, hoarse, immense voice, and effective chants emerged on this album in a good manner and intertwined perfectly with their utterly spellbinding, obtuse, mysterious, fully blistering, blasphemous, ritualistic, grandiose black metal, a distant musical style with lots of melodic, atmospheric, occult, ritualization accompaniment and embedded perfectly. Their whole composition and musical style are impeccable also borrow a great atmosphere. They have injected ritualistic essence, obscure, arcane, esoteric vibes into blasphemous black metal style. Their musical representation evolves into souls wandering the vicious, crushing, and ominous wasteland. This whole album gives u a pitch-black feel from beginning to the end and I warn you this is a gloomy journey.

Each song has energy, fluency. Stand-out tracks are all of them. I personally Cherish The Wailing Horizon, Ekstasis of the Continuum, Stars Within, and Stars Without Projected into the Matrix of Time track those are remarkable, appreciable too.  Album artwork is atrocious, grisly, indelible. Blackened aggression and dissonant mayhem are combined with a grimly majestic atmosphere and streaks of venomous melody to produce songs that sound evil, but never in a hamfisted way. This album reeks of malevolence and otherworldly terror, but in a way that most bands could never match. Overall “Paradeigma (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity)” the whole album is Spectacular, engrossing, significant, rich, Spirituality full of evil, Scary shaking of dark vibration. This album sounds so authentic and a truly remarkable sonic journey from beginning to end. Indeed this album is such a true gem of this year. I’ll say this whole album is aesthetics of black metal. Outstanding another release of this year so far. This is highly recommended to add it to your collection. If you are looking for something different, epic this pure unadulterated black metal utterance is perfect and it will pull out your soul from your body and take you on a journey into another universe. The veil is drawn slowly back and the ceremonial depths of the track emerge. However, the more you hear it, the sooner you'll realize that they have rearranged the rules of black metal and turning it into some whole new beast. 

 My Rating:

Reviewer: Souvik Basu. Published on 01/05/2021

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