Acherontas embark on a new journey "Psychic Death - The Shattering Of Perceptions"

When someone yells you about black metal at first a landscape will click automatically in your imaginary such as blurry, grim, wintery night and you are standing at the top of the distant mountains under the funeral moon while wood sprites and cold, sinister, gloomy vibe help them compose their melodies with the aggressive vibe. While some excellent band attempting to sell their flavor of the month band to potential listeners, there are some that simply exist outside of pre-existing molds. Some challengers exist, such as Acherontas.

Greek ritualistic secret society Acherontas embark on a new voyage. Their predecessor work inaugurates the transparent alignment beyond death and the transcendence of the higher self.  Where many artists seek to use elaborate droning textures to invoke a ritualistic atmosphere and alter the thought processes of the listener, Acherontas took a more literal approach to the art form. They still manage to retain energy and mysticism. This is rich, detailed, multi-layered and multidimensional along with traditional ritual, esoteric, obscure and shamanic music. Black metal music was their forte along with their mystique and epic musical style and appreciates their unsurpassed quality, ability, and skill. 

Acherontas itself is known for producing black metal acts with an aptitude for dark atmospheres and a mild pompous flair. New trailer blended with Art, religion, and philosophy and stands with a strong dedication to spirituality, mysticism, and magic in both sound and image. Acherontas have obviously taken every precaution in piecing together this ritual. Ancient Deities awaken and begin to wander in the form of dripping tones and subterranean winds. This is considerably more ambitious than any of their previous works. The esoteric ambition takes a moment to get rolling as it opens with extended kitsch. Acherontas, reveal details surrounding their eighth studio album "Psychic Death - The Shattering Of Perceptions". The album is slated for an April 24th release via Agonia Records.

"The Shattering Of Perceptions" trailer casts a spell conjuring that lengthy esoteric history and continues their legacy of excellence. It seems to reverberate off the walls of this place of worship. It builds upon the empty darkness of track's finale, frigid chimes ring out in the vast emptiness. The congregation silently meditates basking in the beauty.  I'm pretty damn sure forthcoming album would be filled with more unearthly, astounding, critical acclaimed, heavy, claustrophobic misery, enigmatic melodies. Also, whole compositions would be an extremely filthy and unsettling piece of sinister euphoria and unearthly ambiance and the right amount of brutality and the rawness of upcoming album makes it ideal for the nostalgic, bringing back the past days when Black Metal was intended to be unsettling and highly creepy. Thanks to all members for bringing this kind of art consists of unadulterated quality, proficiency. 

Listen to this in a dark monastery under the full moon with incense sticks and candles it will take you on a sophisticated, ritualistic, occult black metal journey into another universe where music has the power to transcend the spoken word. A brisk wind seems to be rushing through the chamber, chilling to the core. Their musical essence is perfect to guide our subconscious individual to dream in ecstatic and exultant. This is quite an all-encompassing experience, a true feast for listeners to devour. Immerse yourself in the world of Lucifer.

Acherontas commented on the new album: "Two years after the release of Faustian Ethos the coven of Acherontas returns with a monumental album, delivering the most mature, potent and diverse offering throughout a vibrant discography of 23 years up to date, fulfilling the promises left abound with the closure of the triptych Psychic Death. The shattering of Perceptions and the unfolding of the Psyche. A manifest of sound, spirit, and matter, blending across the ancient routes of divination. Across all the cardinal directions, the core elements of the Psychic structure detonate and flourish, risen and aflame as a newborn supernova, embedding axioms and attributes on the vital points of existence, on the ethers as in the depths. The uncharted map of man’s subtle anatomy becomes flooded with the governing universal force of Vitae, the arrows of Life, the nectars of Death and the flames of Rebirth. The crystal halls of the Psyche reverberate, once more, with a monumental milestone to glorify the Ascension to Godhood, the Devil and the Inner Demon. Expect a fierce return deep into the roots of the 90s that we had grown up and evolved through the Black Arts... No more words... Actions define Men and the Brave Spirits".

On top of that, Agonia Records label manager commented: "It's definitely a milestone album in Acherontas's career".

- Digipak CD.
- Limited BOX CD.
- Double black LP.
- Double red & black LP.
- Double half'n'half (gold/black) LP.
- T-shirt + digital download code.
- Polo t-shirt + digital download code.
- Zip up hoodie + digital download code.
- Digital.


1. Paradigms of Nyx
2. Κiss the Blood
3. The Brazen Experimentalist
4. Psychic Death "The Shattering of Perceptions"
5. Coiled Splendor
6. The Offering of Hemlock
7. Sermons of the Psyche
8. Μαγεια των καθρεφτων (Magick of Mirrors)


Acherontas V.Priest - vocals, guitars
Saevus H. - guitars
Hierophant - bass
Indra - guitars
Dothur - drums



Band contact: acherontasvp9@gmail.com

Other projects:

Agonia Records:

Published by Souvik Basu. Dated 31.01.2020

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