[NEWS] Inferno Signs With Debemur Morti

An ever-increasing number of black metal bands feature dissonance and accessibility in equally impressive amounts. Certain black metal bands were able to gain proper attention and actually attempt to cross both realms and unite them under one cohesive effort.

Achtung !!! Debemur Morti is proud to announce the signing of Czech Republic's Purveyors of Chaos, Ritual Whispering, invocation, Wrath, bringer of darkness Inferno!

Inferno formed in 1995 and adhering to radical currents of Black Metal devilry for five albums and numerous split releases, Inferno shook the underground with two daring albums of sinister surrealism, “Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness” in 2013 and “Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution)” in 2017. Following the path winding ever downwards set out by the latest split release “Zos Vel Thagirion” shared with Greek draconian entity Devathorn, the band is currently focusing their effort on completing the upcoming long-playing opus “Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity”. Indeed Inferno is a well-established group of bands who can make a fully sound and creative and with a lot of excellence, ritualistic, hatred, blasphemy in his lyrics, with well crafted, distinct content. After so long in existence, they have gathered a wealth of experience and dark talents, which they liberally pour into their music. 

Here is their Last Full-Length Ritual :

The band comments, “Pushing all aspects of the band to the next level has been an underlying current of thought within INFERNO for almost a decade now. Signing to Debemur Morti, a label with vision and qualities few can match, feels like a logical step in many ways since the toil on our next album brought us into truly strange realms.”

The tracking of “Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity” will commence at the beginning of 2020 in Prague based KSV studios. Stephen Lockhart will handle mixing and mastering duties at Studio Emissary. In the subsequent months, Inferno will storm concert stages with a revised setlist and renewed vigour.

 A newborn spawn will arise from the very depths of Dementia, materialized upon this plane and beyond. Despite its ironclad pedigree, has almost entirely evaded detection. Aforementioned black metal stalwarts eschewed publicity and allowed predecessor ceaseless deluge of quality releases to subsume their monumental mastery.

In previous Inferno's ritual was filled with more unearthly, astounding, critical acclaimed, heavy, claustrophobic misery, enigmatic melodies, Infernal and raging metal of blackness. They have poured their musical devotion into a chalice of sulphur flame where it burns with obsidian light.

Indeed this secretive, anonymous black metal band Inferno are the masters of Primitive, Poisonous music from a band that’s now squarely on my radar screen for the future.

Here is their last Split album with Athenian Orthodox black metallers Devathorn:

Masterfully amalgamating cavernous Black Metal occultism with sinister psychedelia, INFERNO represents a high watermark for modern Black Metal, a refreshingly diabolical entity that retains its roots yet continues to push boundaries and explore new depths in a genre which often falls victim to stagnation, one which we are proud to induct into the ranks of Debemur Morti Productions.

In the name of promulgating greatness, let’s drag these occultists back to the forefront. Their movement within the genre that emphasizes a religious, metaphysical approach to Satanism and the occult. The have conveyed a tangible sense of devotion to eldritch obscenities.  Definitely upcoming ritual would be savage, captivating, Spectacular, engrossing, significant, rich, Spirituality full of evil, Scary shaking of dark vibration. Stay tuned for utterly spellbinding, obtuse, mysterious, fully blistering, blasphemous, ritualistic, grandiose black metal, a distant musical style with a lot of melodic, atmospheric, occult, ritualization accompaniment. 

Debemur Morti Production Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/debemurmorti/

Debemur Morti Official Page: https://www.debemur-morti.com/en/

Published by Souvik Basu on 25.09.2019

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