An Interview with Lord Heretic of Infallible

Good mourning guys. Lets start with something simple - what do you have for breakfest? 
Hello! Well, we had some food and a lot of tea and coffee – black, of course.

Tell us about the band and how it was formed 
The band was formed when one day I met Mysteria and she asked me to join a band. Why not, I’m in. Not a pop band, I hope? :)

Let's talk about your debut album “Aeterna Veritas”. Can you please tell us about how he was recorded and how long did you work on this masterpiece 
“Aeterna Veritas” is a result of creating music satisfying our taste, first of all. It was a long and difficult process of searching true sound, words, images. Album was recorded at Mysteria’s home studio, “Crystal Crown”, so no one could disturb us. Thank you, nice to hear that. 

I sure you really sick of this question but - why "two-man band"? Why not to make a full line up?
Heh, not yet :) Maybe it sounds trite, but still true – if you want the best, do it yourself. We are very serious about our music, only the strongest will survive with us, so no one has passed the test :(

What about the people who download your albums on the Internet? Do you think is it good or bad? 
No, it’s not bad, we can’t stop Internet, we can’t stop downloading, it’s obvious. But we can make it legal, welcome to our Bandcamp, Google Music, iTunes. We have a lot of CDs, and if we can’t get a CD, we buy a digital copy.

Last month you signed with "GlobMetal Promotions". What can you tell our readers about thouse guys, and why you choose to work with them 
We’ve got a very nice offer from GlobMetal, so why not, let’s see what they can do. At this time everything is ok, we keep working.

What plans do the band have for the second part of 2018? 
So, our plans for today: physical CD release, second music video release, working on the next album

Thanks for the interview! Any last words you wanna pass to your fans and our readers?
Worship the Frozen Throne, embrace the coldest winter, obey Mysteria! Thank you for reading.

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