Demo Review :~ Cultum Interitum - Sorgspell

Nowadays a lots of excellent black metal albums are releasing. Already a lots of good black metal album released previous year. In this extreme metal music genre first wave black metal and second wave black metal bands are full of reverence.But to be honest at present a slew of newcomer bands are doing excellent job and It’s really great when your high hopes are not misplaced. When it comes to notoriety in terms of black metal bands Poland is usually not the first place that comes to mind to a vast majority of people. Although, with a more recent popularity in the underground sphere with bands such as Infernal War,Mgla,Kreigsmaschine, Outre Polish black metal has been increasing in numbers, in terms of listeners and new releases. While some clueless newbies attempting to sell their flavor of the month band to potential listeners, there are some bands that simply exist outside of pre-existing molds. Some challengers exist, such as Outre, a phenomenal addition to the Black metal roster.
Previous year enigmatic Polish black metal band Cultum Interitum Unveiled their demo entitled “Sorgspell” with 19:41 min running time along with sheer amount of spine-chilling, atmospheric experience. This new effort consist with 4 tracks . On this demo they have included members from Mephorash and Ars Magna Umbrae.Cultum Interitum was formed in 2017. In before they had started their band in 2016 with different band name. Now I am straight going to the point about this new opus . 

When at first I have checked out  their manifestation "Sorgspell" I was overwhelmed and this whole material sounds so authentic,mature it's hard to believe it's only their debut work .The rawness of it makes it ideal for the nostalgic,bringing back the past days when Black Metal was intended to be unsettling and highly creepy. Cultum Interitum delivers distinctly experimental, atmospherically evil form of black metal .This bands each and every musician did fantastic job on this demo  in radiant way . This whole demo  reflects the grand diversity of sound brought together on this demo . It is really not easy to describe their musical style . A natural synthesis of dissonant sounds and disparate styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity despite the often fast ,furious,cacophonous black metal assaults with a lots of segments of slower tempo too where Cultum Interitum combines raw music with cavernous drum thrashes and those effective rasps and chants .
well,their latest opus opening track is “Sorgspell” . This track starts with atmospheric slow build and eerie atmospheric vibe followed by an onslaught of tremulous ,dark eerie riffs and a wall of sober,slow drums and then segues with evil vocals . Their whole composition and musical style is impeccable also borrow great atmosphere with sour ,dissonant riffs work . Cultum Interitum producing black metal with an aptitude for dark atmospheres and a mild pompous flair.

 This new efforts whole compositions are extremely filthy and unsettling piece of sinister euphoria and unearthly ambiance . Their distinct entity infused me by a lot . Their musical style have a quite soft and smooth edge in the guitar playing(especially in track Agony) which adds to the more atmospheric,unique kind of black metal but at the same time the vocals and other parts of the riffing is straight forward brutal simultaneously . Honestly saying after a multiple listen this demo  just blew me away with their ethereal abyss,melancholic,the multi-layered,ominous musical style . Each musicians have exudes tremendous effort on this demo  with excellent diligence and nailed it . I highly cite and embrace this demo .
This is filled with a slew of cadence, apocalyptic, ominous,hellish, slow but powerful riffs work . As well bass line up is whopping,intense,strong ,rumbling, slithering . Drumming,percussion line up is bleak, frantic,solid,clattering and powerful . In each track morbidly delicious,slow,macabre,soaring,dark eerie riffs,bass lineups matched in well manner . The most striking thing you’ll notice about the sound of Cultum Interitum rawness that quite literally drips from the noise they create . This whole materials sound deliver a dissonant,grim feeling,sinister,gruesome black metal with raw emotion and pure energy . “Sorgspell” endures beauty of black metal . This demo indulge strong songwriting and brilliant musicianship . This demo have a hypnotic effect on the listener . Vocals decently large voice that does well for Cultum Interitum. Especially his menacing and hoarse voice are excellent . Vocals howling scream, snarling, sneering ,immense,deep rasps voice emerged on this demo in a well manner and intertwined perfectly with their utterly spellbinding,obtuse,bizarrely arrogant, mysterious,fully blistering black metal,distant musical style with a lots of melodic,atmospheric accompaniment and embedded perfectly . Overall you will get sinister,gloomy,desolate,mysterious ambient from this whole demo . I really worship this band.
Each song have an energy ,fluency and draw a savage landscape .Stand out tracks are all of them . I personally Cherish each and every single track . Demo artwork is Pretty neat,solid,atrocious,grisly . Overall “Sorgspell” whole demo is Spectacular,engrossing ,significant . This demo sounds so authentic and a truly remarkable sonic journey from beginning to end . Indeed this demo is such an true gem from past year . Outstanding another one release of previous year so far . The Polish bruisers still possess all the necessary skills and hard-won experience to put younger,newcomer challengers in their place.If you looking for something different, epic this debut effort will take you on a journey into another universe . so, enter the void and I am sure definitely you will come out stronger,darker than ever before.

My Rating – 4.8/5. Review Done by Souvik Basu. Published on 10.01.2018

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