CRIMENA releases new music video for "Mutawwa"

"Mutawwa"is the 3rd single song unleashed by violent groove metal band CRIMENA and it's also the first official recording that features their new vocalist - Indonesian born Bagus "Bob" Stesa. 

Featured on their debut album, "Chapter One: Divine Betrayal"(previously reviewed here on Metalhead Spotted),  "Mutawwa" is a conceptual song that aims to expose the immoral dogmas that fuel the existence of the controversial mutaween (Islamic religious police). The record as a whole is a huge slap to all forms of organised religion and "Mutawwa" might quite be the epitome of it.

It turns out that new vocalist Bob impacted the band's identity in a very interesting and positive way; since his induction in the pack, CRIMENA has done a handful of gigs and the man has been warmly welcomed by the public. Nonetheless his vocals display a very dominating, raw and ruthless sound that perfectly fits the band's musical orientation.  

While exposing a piece of the young scene from the city of Craiova (Romania), the video also indicates a group that is continuously growing and pushing forward, regardless of what obstacles, these guys turn them into opportunities and that pinpoints the maturity of the now 4 year old project that is CRIMENA. 

Never wasting time, the strive to record a 2nd album has already began and according to the band's social media activity, there are some positive vibes that foretell new music and touring. 

 "Chapter One: Divine Betrayal" is available for purchase on google playitunesamazoncdbaby.

Bob - Vocals
Radu - Lead Guitar
Robert "Macarena" - Rhythm Guitar
Vali - Bass
Cristi - Drums


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