Atmospheric Black Metal Band Sojourner Unveiled About Their New Album

Sojourner are an Atmospheric Black Metal band with members from New Zealand & Sweden. Sojourner is the joining of musicians that share a passion for the atmospheres and beauty of black metal, folk music, and nature.It is the joining of musicians that share the same passion for the atmospheres and beauty of black metal, folk music, nature, and fantasy. Sojourner were formed in the beginning of 2015 by Emilio (also vocals in Nangilima), Mike L. (also guitarist & composer of Lysithea) and Chloe.

In before they have released an debut single entitled “Heritage of the Natural Realm” .You can also buy it from their official Bandcamp page. In before I’ve heard that the band is working on their debut full-length album and the good news is they will release the anticipated album on this year very soon through Avantgarde Music. I was really impressed by “Heritage of the Natural Realm” so my anticipation level getting high for this new album. Already  they have unveiled a track entitled “Bound By Blood” from their upcoming full length album entitled “Empires Of Ash”.This new album’s exotic artwork designed by the excellent Jordan Grimmer.

I’ve never imagined how good they might sound if someone smashed them together into one song with both parts(epic  folk and atmospheric black metal) being done extremely well. This new track consist with elements of atmospheric black metal along with epic metal elements like a flute worked amazingly well together and only because Sojourner knew exactly the kind of sound they wanted and they fucking knew exactly how to get that sound perfectly.

New track link is given below:

Their bandcamp link also given below:

Here is their Facebook page link:

I highly suggest this band to any black metal fans, epic metal fans, and just fans of all metal because this song is something that deserves to be heard all over.

Emilio – vocals & lyrics
Mike L. – music
Chloe – music & vocals

Published by Souvik Basu

Dated : 11/05/2015

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