Album Review: Scarab - Serpents of the Nile

A slew of modern death metal is shiny, flashy, and in addition, purely cutthroat. Nowadays bands are experiment with their musical style continuously with candied old-school imitators.While some sophomoric snobs attempting to sell their flavor of the month band to potential listeners, there are some bands that simply exist outside of pre-existing molds. Death metal does not stagnate in a constant form. Death metal presented in various forms. When death metal meets with Middle eastern,Egyptian mythology then the result comes out phenomenal and always appreciated by metal music maniacs. Ancient Egyptian mythology,history was always enigmatic,mysterious and ambiguous from centuries and obviously difficult to trace . Pertaining  their geographical position where ancient Egypt prevailed for centuries spreading knowledge and reaching higher levels of progression.In this difficult,complex musical style some challengers exist.
I believe that the fascination over ancient Egypt will never end and for a good reason.In before who ever checked out my article regarding Egyptian mythology based band every time I had mentioned that always Egyptian ,Mesopotamian mythology concept  based article ,image , band whatever easily attracted me because of their epic history,magnificent theme,culture . It's been six years since the Cairo based Egyptian death metal sextet scarab last put out an album.Well, after a long time since the recording of their last sonic assailment oriental death metal troupe Scarab revealed their sophomore full length album entitled “Serpents Of The Nile” on 6th March,2015 via ViciSolum Productions.Their latest studio effort consist with eight tracks with approximate 55:41 minute running time.At first let me introduce Scarab with you all.Basically Scarab was formed in 2006. Sprouting from the band “Hatesuffocation” which had roots running since 2001 until 2006 with 2 self-released EPs. In before Scarab released one EP entitled “Valley of the Sandwalkers” in 2007 and their debut full length album entitled “Blinding the Masses” in 2009.
It’s really difficult to separate a band, their story, their legacy and their music from each other to glean some truth about the piece you presently get to witness. Scarab have triumphed musically to attain their own particular style,religious history and sound without sounding niche or trite.Death Metal colliding with Middle Eastern,Mesopotamian or otherwise unconventional influences enjoys indeed tend quite rare.Scarab  able to gain proper attention in this complex,unrelenting, disparate musical style.Scarab is a well established group of bands who can make a fully sound and creative and with a lot of excellence in his lyrics,with well crafted,distinct content . Already Nile,Coffin Texts,Melechesh, Maat,Crescent are undisputed kings of Middle eastern influenced musical style.Scarab deliver a very unique kind of death metal combining brutal,technical,melodic  and atmospheric musical style with Egyptian,Arabic folk elements.Their musical level of complexity, technicality  and obscurity is fantastic.
At a first listen of “Serpents Of The Nile” I was astounded and grab my attention.After a multiple listen their latest studio effort possessed me with their extreme,chromatic,multi-layered, powerful,blasting death metal musical style with technical riffs work , paradigm shift and melodic,folk vibe with sporadic middle eastern tunes , dark, sensual and mystical soundscapes and obviously their distinguishing musical composition ,grandiose concept just  blew me away .Sammy Sayed and his cohorts exudes tremendous effort in radiant way on this album with excellent diligence and nailed it .I really appreciate each and every single musicians unsurpassed ability,efficiency and skill. This new album is triumphant rich death metal. This whole album reflects the grand diversity of sound brought together on this album . Their incredibly sensitive,slightly sandy,dusty antique and disparate musical styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity Despite the often fast ,furious,cacophonous, heavy and extreme form of death metal assaults  with a lots of segments of  brutal,technical,melodic segments,tasteful Middle eastern,Arabic musical style involvement and without sacrificing the atmospheric aspect enhanced this new albums unique flavor and enriched this album that is very powerful,heavy and excellent all at the same time along with a good  balance  of technical death metal music,Middle Eastern music,melody and brutality with strangulated ,intricate riffs work and those effective rasps,harsh vocals simultaneously . Their music is both dark and ecstatic. I highly appreciate and applaud and cite this album because of their distinct style .This album contains with a strong dose of creative,memorable death metal with a trace of a modern taste,relentless rhythmic,technical,brutal and melodic that is simply outstanding.
well, their latest opus starts with a ominous,oriental track with magical thoughts and whispering around the tones.This albums quasi opener “Visions of a Blood River” starts with a heavy,powerful,bestial grunt followed by intricate,fast,delicate riffs work,blast beating,fast soundscapes with onslaught of savage guitar and a wall of spectacular,relentless drums  . Their whole composition and musical style is impeccable. From this new album we get fast, oppressive,oriental death metal finest variety with just make enough melody . This album is filled with a slew of twisted , traversed ,chugging, groovy,intricate,apocalyptic,crushing riffs line ups with technical prowess . As well bass line up is shifting, chaotic, deeper,roving and bludgeoning. Drumming,percussion line up is thundering,dodgy,punishing,frantic,blast beating  and rabidly insane . There are a slew of individual riffs,solo sections which sound briefly something exotic . In each track intricate,spectacular  riffs,bass lineups matched in fantastic way with technical orientation . This album indulge strong songwriting,grandiose concept and brilliant musicianship . Tempo changes are excellent and complicated . Vocals harsh,snarling growls,deep rasps, aggressive, vigorous, crucial voice woven in a good manner with their utterly savage,merciless,onslaught, primal organic ,violent,uncanny death metal sound with a lots of technical prowess, brutal,melodic segments,Middle Eastern musical  accompaniment and embedded perfectly .
I really worship this band . Each song have an energy ,fluency and dominating power . Stand out tracks are all of em. Album artwork is atrocious,indelible. Album artwork showcased the flavor of Egyptian mythology . Overall  “Serpents Of The Nile” whole album Sound extremely promising,prestigious, blistering , extremely lush ,ambitious, menacing, conceptual in all the right ways . Indeed this album is such an true gem of this year and this album will give you unyielding awesomeness from beginning  to the end . Their potential on this new album is appreciable .  “Serpents Of The Nile”so presented as unshakable strong slabs of Egyptian mythology based death metal .This is aesthetics of death metal . This album have a fantastic sense of exoticism without any sacrifice in intensity and will take you on a journey where myth, religion, mystery, the desert and the Egyptian bright night meet. outstanding another one release of this year so far . This is strongly recommend to add it in your collection.Scarab able to cultivate Middle eastern music with death metal properly and garnished,presented this whole album as a masterpiece.Yet the subtle touches of Middle Eastern,Arabic musical style inspired flair and groove are enough to distinguish the band from the extreme metal pace, and their sophomore album demonstrates it perfectly.

My Rating : 4.6/5. Review done by – Souvik Basu

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