Album Review : Sarpanitum - Blessed Be My Brothers

Lo and Behold! !
After four year since the recording of their last sonic assailment United Kingdom based death metal band Sarpanitum unveiled their sophomore effort on this year entitled “Blessed Be My Brothers”. This album praise the thoughtless light and its Powers that dwells both within and without.This is an album I’ve been looking for a long time.This is one of my anticipated release of this year. This new album consist with ten tracks.Sarpanitum was born in 2003 consist with Mithras member. In before they had released their debut full length album in 2007 entitled “Despoilment of Origin” . Death Metal with other unconventional influences enjoys indeed tend quite popular. Certain bands were able to gain proper attention in this complex,unrelenting musical style and Sarpanitum became a well established group of bands who can make a fully sound and creative and with a lot of excellence in his lyrics,with well crafted,distinct content . Sarpanitum deliver a very unique kind of death metal combining melodic and atmospheric elements with very heavy form of death metal laced with blackened segments.well,going to the point about new album.
When at first they’ve released their first track on soundcloud for streaming after listening that track I was surprised because of authentic,mature sound with complexity and hyped from then for this full length album. When I first started spinning this whole album I was just astounded.After a multiple listen this whole album enthralled me by it’s heavy, powerful,blasting ,chromatic, multi-layered ,overarching death metal musical style laced with blackened,progressive/technical riffs work,melodic,atmospheric aspects and obviously blew me away by their fantastic, distinguishing musical composition. This new album is triumphant sophisticated death metal. They have exudes tremendous effort in radiant way on this album with excellent diligence and nailed it . I really appreciate this bands each and every musicians unsurpassed ability and skill . This whole album reflects the grand diversity of sound brought together on this album . It is really not easy to describe their musical style. They bring really heavy,blackened and atmospheric kind of death metal that is really outstanding and obviously unique .Their incredibly antique and disparate musical styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity Despite the often fast ,furious,cacophonous, heavy and barbarous form of death metal assaults  with a lots of segments of  black metal laced with progressive/technical death metal ,melodic aspects enhanced with atmospheric vibe enriched this album that is very powerful,heavy and excellent all at the same time along with a good  balance of blackened death,technical death metal music, melody and brutality with strangulated ,intricate riffs work and those effective,low-pitched rasps simultaneously .This new album showcased some significant shifts in sound. I highly appreciate and applaud this album because of their distinct style .
This albums opening instrumental track starts with melodically inclined guitars and faint atmospheric vibe in the background followed by softly,delicate guitar works and a wall of spectacular,sober drums. Their whole composition and musical style is impeccable. From this new album we get ultra-fast, oppressive death metal finest variety with just make enough melody . This album is filled with a slew of twisted , traversed ,chugging, groovy,intricate,apocalyptic,crushing riffs line ups with technical prowess . As well bass line up is shifting, chaotic,distorted,rumbled and punchy . Drumming,percussion line up is thundering,dodgy,brisk,punishing,frantic,blast beating  and rabidly insane . There are a slew of individual riffs,solo sections which sound briefly something exotic . In each track intricate,spectacular  riffs,bass lineups matched in fantastic way with technical orientation .Mentionable thing of this album is pummeling,seamless drumming. This album indulge strong songwriting and brilliant musicianship . Tempo changes are excellent and complicated . Vocals low-pitched, fearsome growls,deep rasps, aggressive, vigorous  voice intertwined in a good manner with their utterly savage,merciless,onslaught,violent, bizarrely arrogant ,uncanny death metal sound with a lots of blackened interludes,technical prowess, melodic,atmospheric  accompaniment and embedded perfectly . Overall you will get  sinister, desolate, sombre mourning ambient from this whole album
I really worship this band . Each song have an energy ,fluency, dominating power and  draw a savage landscape. Stand out tracks are By Virtuous Reclamation,Glorification upon the Powdered Bones of the Sundered Dead,Thy Sermon Lies Forever Tarnished,I Defy for I Am Free,Malek al-Inkitar,Blessed Be My Brothers. This album consist with three instrumental track those are appreciable too.Album artwork is fantastic,remarkable . Their album artwork Portrayed the flavor of Eastern mythology and ancient history . Overall "Blessed Be My Brothers " whole album Sound fully blistering ,extremely promising,engrossing ,significant and technically well proficient . Indeed this album is such an true gem of this year .”Blessed Be My Brothers” album sounds so authentic  and a truly remarkable sonic journey from beginning to end . Their potential on this sophomore album is appreciable .  " Blessed Be My Brothers " so presented as unshakable pillar of death metal . I’ll say this whole album is aesthetics of death metal . outstanding another one release of this year so far .If you are looking for something exotic,different this album will take you on a journey into another universe .This album satisfied my desire and ready to take the journey again.This is strongly recommend to add it in your collection and this whole album perfectly orchestrated exercise of pure unadulterated death metal.
My Rating – 4.4/5 . Review done by Souvik Basu.

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