Album Review: Ingested - The Architect of Extinction

In the beginning of 2015 Manchester,United Kingdom based brutal death metal band Ingested revealed their third full length album entitled “The Architect of Extinction”. This whole album consist with 10 tracks.At first I am giving a short introduction about Ingested and their new album. Actually they was formed in 2004 as “Age Of Suffering”. Later they have changed their band name as Ingested in 2006.In before they had released two Full length album entitled “Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering” in 2009 and “The Surreption” in 2011 along with one EP and one Split. This album was mixed by Christian Donaldson (Beneath the Massacre, The Last Felony and Cryptopsy) and features guest appearances by Julian Kersey (Aegaeon), Taylor Wientjes (The Kennedy Veil), James Schuster (Eighty Thousand Dead ,Delusional Parasitosis) and Alex Terible (Slaughter to Prevail) who have contributed their very own signature form of brutality to this record. Now I’m straight diving to the point about this new album .
When at first I have checked out their first released track probably it was “The Divine Right of Kings” I was overwhelmed and infused me with constant fleeting between full speed ferocity and breakdowns. From then I was hyped for this album . After a multiple listen this whole album impressed me with  their heavy, powerful,blasting ,overarching  musical style, overlaps with slam death metal in the form of breakdowns  laced with technical riffs work  just  blew me away . They have exudes tremendous effort in radiant way on this album with excellent diligence and nailed it .Their effort puts an emphasis to stay this whole album memorable. I really appreciate this bands each and every musicians unsurpassed quality,ability and skill . Dig their virtuosic performances .This whole album reflects the grand diversity of sound brought together on this album .
Their incredibly ferocious,brutal musical styles all combined in one bold, enlightened display of unbound creativity Despite the often fast ,furious,cacophonous, heavy and barbarous form of death metal assaults  with a lots of technical death metal aspects  enriched this album that is very powerful,heavy and excellent all at the same time along with a good  balance  of technical death metal music, melody and brutality with strangulated ,intricate riffs work and those effective rasps simultaneously . I highly appreciate and embrace this album because of their distinct style . There is no point to disavow this album.
Well,This albums opening track starts with relentless ,blast beating,fast death metal music with onslaught of savage guitar and a wall of spectacular drums  . From this new album we get ultra-fast, oppressive death metal. This album is filled with a slew of twisted , traversed ,chugging, groovy,intricate, blitzkrieg,menacing ,complex ,slam riffs line ups with technical prowess . As well bass line up is shifting, chaotic,distorted,rumbled and punchy . Drumming,percussion line up is pummeling,dodgy,punishing,frantic,blast beating  and rabidly insane . This album is riffs and Drumming orientated for the most part. There are a slew of individual riffs,solo sections which sound briefly something exotic . In each track intricate,spectacular  riffs,bass lineups matched in fantastic way with technical orientation . This album indulge strong songwriting and brilliant musicianship . Every instrument is clearly differentiated & represented excellently in each track .Tempo changes are excellent and complicated . Vocals deep rasps, aggressive, vigorous, crucial, tremolo picking ,guttural voice intertwined in a good manner with their utterly savage, schizophrenic ,merciless,onslaught,violent form of death metal sound laced with technical prowess, melodic  accompaniment and embedded perfectly .
I really worship this band . Each song have an energy ,fluency and dominating power . Stand out tracks are all of em . I personally cherish The Divine Right of Kings,Narcissistic Apathy,Endless Despondency,The Heirs to Mankind's Atrocities,I, Despoiler, Penance ,Extinction Event,Amongst Vermin,Rotted Eden . Penance  instrumental sounds totally different than other track of this album.From this albums final track "Rotted Eden" you will get a lil bit middle eastern musical vibe.Album artwork is atrocious,indelible and full of intense. Overall " The Architect of Extinction " whole album Sound extremely promising,engrossing , impeccable,flourished,infectious and technically well proficient . Indeed this album is such an true gem of this year. Their potential on this album is remarkable .   I’ll say this whole album is aesthetics of death metal . Outstanding another one release of this year so far . This is highly recommend to add it in your collection and I am pretty damn sure after listening this whole album your ears will bleed and you can not resist yourself from head banging because of their solid,strong,heavy sound .

 Rating: 4.2/5 - ‎Review by Souvik Basu - ‎Jan 14, 2014

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