Review: The End- White Lotus

The End is a solo shoegaze/blackgaze/post-black outfit from Kalyan, India. It’s among the few bands of the wave of post-black acts in the country. It’s a very unique band provided the limited exposure of shoegaze/blackgaze music among the Indian audience. White Lotus is their second full-length release, and it’s a very brave effort. The atmosphere of the album is very beautiful and melancholic. It’s one of the best elements of the record. The lyrical themes are unconventional and feature very dark and philosophical aspects about relationships, among other subjects. The album has very unconventional song structures and abrupt time-signature changes, adding to the blatant-ness of the music. Every track has a similar muted, faded outro which adds to the atmosphere created by the band. This album might not be likened by every ear it reaches, for the style they've played is uncommon among Indian bands. But, for the experienced ear this album might be played on the loop.

-Piyush Ojha

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