News: Trinergic reveals New Drummer, Album Plans, Tour and more!

Trinergic, the Melodic Death Metal band from Mumbai (India) which has been making waves all over the Indian Metal scene with its melodic compositions and fiery live performances, recently launched a countdown on their Facebook page which hinted at a "Big Announcement" to be made around the weekend. The band's members and crew had kept the announcement a well-guarded secret leading up to the big reveal on Sunday - the addition of Nepal's drumming Prodigy Jay Ram Karki to the band.

Jay replaces Emmanuel Paul, who had been with the band since its inception and had also played on its two single releases "Martyr" and "Rise of Xyrith". Emmanuel has decided to relinquish his drumming duties to concentrate on the management aspects of the band.
Emmanuel, speaking on this change stated "I've been with Trinergic (formerly Dystopia) for three years now. In this time, I've had some of my best experiences and many unforgettable moments with the band. I never thought it would come to this, but since I can't dedicate my full time to the band any more, I'm now switching over to the band's management duties along side Dushyant. The journey and the bonding has been extraordinary, and I want to thank everyone that has supported us over the years. Our new drummer has some serious skills, better than all of us could have ever asked for and it only gets better from here!"
Hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal, Jay Ram is often touted as one of the finest Metal drummers to have emerged from the Nepal Metal scene. Jay has previously played with bands such as Binaash, Wakk Thuu, Terrifyer, Fall, Viral, Double Trouble in Nepal and recently made the shift to Mumbai, India to join Trinergic as their new drummer. Having been nicknamed "Nepalm Death" by USA's Sick Drummer Magazine due to his technically complex style of playing, Jay has played with the best of the best back in his home country for over three years, constantly delivering tight, power packed performances and leaving the audiences spellbound. Jay Ram sees the shift as a new beginning to his career. He will be playing his debut gig with Trinergic at Hyderabad's "Metal At the Tavern" concert on the 11th of October.
Speaking on the change, manager Dushyant Dubey has made clear what the band's intentions are. He mentions "The sound of Trinergic is now going to change. We are making the shift from Melodic Death Metal to more of a Technical and Progressive Death Metal style. The band has the talent to deliver some world class music and that's exactly what we're focusing on."
For those who are curious to see the new drummer in action, Trinergic's Youtube channel "Trinergic TV" has released a video of Jay during his jam sessions with the band! The video gives a sneak preview of Trinergic's new material as well! Trinergic's announcement also includes the start of the recording of their new album, which will be a full length 10-track Tech/Prog Death Metal release. The band will also be going on a Pan-India tour to support their album release in early 2015.

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For Bookings: Dushyant Dubey (+918905177387)

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