Heavy Metal Abusers Ground Zero Unleashed Manifestation

When it comes to heavy metal, I tend to lean towards the more traditional or old school approach. Crushing riffs, great solos, and heavy as fuck roars, that’s what I love about heavy metal. There’s something to be said about a band’s aesthetic principles and how they tie into the music itself. Whether it be to capture the emotive principles or intellectual underpinnings of an album, a band’s imagery is undoubtedly an intrinsic component of how the music therein affects the listener. On occasion, however, it can also signal a change in direction. Heavy metal does not stagnate in a constant form. Some challenges exist, such as Ground Zero.

Kolkata, India based Heavy metal purveyor and abusers Ground Zero unveiled their new manifestation. They have released a single track entitled “Mukhosh” in the native language and this is a cover track off Artcell band from Bangladesh. They have already unleashed their artwork and teaser. In before they have released a slew single & EP. Basically, Ground Zero was formed in 2011 and continuing with their signature old school blunt force trauma to date.

This new tracks whole composition, production is extremely filthy and relentlessly unforgiving. At first, listen to this track it floored me with their dreaded amalgamation which leads to a hammering old School blunt force trauma with heavy, twisted riffs, hyped pedal thrusts. They exhibit the quintessential signatures that they have been plying for the better part from the past. 

The new track consists of Huge, tectonic, devastating riffs rumble through entire swarms of kinetic, robust, adventurous blasting, the warp of guitar dissonance, twists and darkly brutal sociopolitical proportions. This is still an extremely well crafted, grandiose, punishing, methodical, precise, destructive offering. 

This whole track enthralled me with their Unrelenting, powerful, blasting, overarching, chromatic, chaotic, rugged, critical acclaimed heavy metal sound and dense musical style and this new track rekindle my affection, obsession for proper old school heavy metal. This bands each and every musician exudes tremendous effort in a radiant way on this album with excellent diligence and nailed it. They have injected brilliant riffs works, dark and dirge vibes into aural bashing, furious, fast heavy metal with strangulated riffs work simultaneously that burns with oppressive fervor. I applaud this new addition and cite them. 

I am pretty damn sure Ground Zero can continue their stride in the future. If you are looking for something different, splendid, majestic this pure unadulterated heavy metal album is perfect.

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Published by Souvik Basu on 19/05/2019

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